Thursday, December 11, 2008

BayiSingh gave me another surprise

I traveled to Kuching on the 5th Dec for some assignment. My son, William, came over to pay me a surprise visit on the 8th Dec, Hari Raya Haji holiday for him.

The greatest surprise in my life is that BayiSingh, my dear friend and the prince of South Africa sent a surprise present for my son:

This is it: he gave my son a nice present - A German Shepherd - so that my son can drive his father around the city without the hassle of the public taxi.

Now, my son is my taxi driver and a proud owner of a German Shepherd.

Tonight, I am going out for a beer with my son to celebrate BayiSingh's gracious gift for my son.

Thank you Bayi and my son says he love the car. We will soon travel to Africa to pay our homage to our great grand friend. Dear BayiSingh, we can only bring along some Kai Chai Pheng (chicken biscuit) and Sat Keh Mar (I don't know what we call it in English but it is also some Ipoh biscuit) in return for the gracious acts you had done for us ... that's what we can afford!!!


MikeLing said...

Your friend must have thot that the road in Sarawak is like the nice rolling road to suncity. This shepherd is practically useless outside kuching. An X5 would be better. poor william.

moo_t said...

Don't worry, the german sheperd suspension and absorber will last quite sometime in Sarawak road compare to other vehicle.

Anonymous said...


Could you please reintroduce your amazing relationship with BayiSingh? What have you done to his life? Perhaps you helped him to discover a greatest treasure for his life????? or you accidentally become his saviour? Deliverance to something larger than life????

Why? How??? No shxxxt?

I'll look out for a German Shepherd in Kuching tonight.


abu said...

Aiyah...I alredi asked Mave to introduce this BayiSingh to us. But BayiSingh is always on the move. Looks like only Mave can be his good friend and enjoy his generosity. Maybe he can send us some of his smaller diamonds! :)

qwerty said...

mave, u need a godson? can i be one?
i need a normal toyota or honda will do =P

engkaulah said...

I am easily satisfied with a Vios. Any chance?

sinkeh said...

If only BayiSingh would say something...

Maverick SM said...


You may be right. I will asked if Bayi can change it to X5.


Are you sure that the German Shepherd can last?


I will introduce you to the African. He is a good man. I did nothing for him. He was so kind.


Ya, BayiSingh always travels and it is hard to get him. He always appear in a sudden and disappear equally mysteriously. I hope to introduce him to my friends here.


I love to have you as a godson. God willing, we will meet soon.


Ya sure; you have every chance to meet the African.


I believe BayiSingh should be here in this comment column once he gets connected with the internet.

rosesNtheboyz said...

wah mave...

if only he can loan me some cash for me to start up a business!

darn! how can some people be so lucky ha?


congrats and i believe you must have been a kind person to receive all this as gifts!

take care n visit me

rosesNtheboyz said...


i should have read the previous bayi stories before my so darn innocent comment above!

kah kah kah!

memang cakap tak serupa bikin!

Maverick SM said...


Let's have fun. Bayi is a good man and a rich man from Africa.

Bayi said...


You have been a good friend. I see you are having fun with William's German Shepherd.

I am now in Namibia, looking into some desert diamond mines. These are old mines but with new technology, I hope to be more efficient. The diamonds are likely to be small ones but who cares? As long as there is money to be made.

And I won't forget you. I will get you some souvenirs, some tiny diamonds.

Till then. Adios! Take care.

Maverick SM said...


Thanks for your generosity and I am eagerly waiting for those small diamonds for my next birthday.