Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Pak Lah to PPP: get out of BN if you wish

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi tells Kayveas and his PPP that they can leave Barisan Nasional if they wish. He reiterated that the government has no intention to amend the ISA.

Kayveas has his shoes stuck in his mouth!!!

Read more at Malaysiakini , NST or The Star


engkaulah said...

Kayveas is an incidental politician who does not know the game. He's just plain lucky that he has gotten to where he is so far.

I don't support the ISA (Heavens forbid!) but this Ah Kow of a Kayveas is outright comedy. So what is he going to do now?

Beg for mercy? Claim being misquoted (what a cliche!)? Or better still, leave the BN!! Then we'll say he's got balls!

CK said...

kena tengoklah dulu modal apa yang ko ada.....

artchan said...

kvs got no balls...he will say MISQUOTED.

Inside BN..they are useless...no use to BN..outside BN..they are toothless..they are no threat to BN

and with the likes of Greakan & MCA fighting for PPP vacant seats..MCA and Gerakan will say same to PPP..get out.

PPP will die a natural death..maybe next year or sooner..the party will be no more.

Anonymous said...

If I am Kayveas...I would say "yes PPP will be out of BN and so will you Pak Lah . You're asked to leave and make sure you're out by March 2009...and
don't you flip-flopped and don't ever forget that you're the PM that lost many states during PRU 12".

Anonymous said...

This is called game of fire
Kayevas try to show people that PPP is fighting for 5 Indian hero (senseless)so that Indian will support this kapten Kayevas but he did not know that BN is waiting for this scene. Now kena cengkam.
Ahoooooi apa mau buat ..... AS LEAD BY EXAMPLE .... keep the word kaveyas ..... pull out from BN as what u said. BN will not abolish ISA so they decided to abolish PPP.Now let wait what this joker will act. He is a funny guy and do nt know how to handle issue in pro manner. I'm not sure how can PPP can be in power as BN team
There is another blow for his deputy PPP ..... Murugiah who is senotor and Deputy minister . Ahooooi murugiah u will lost ur post . Did he like it emmmm definately no so what he will do !
Wait and see
This might be happen
1. He will said abolish ISA is kayevas request and not PPP request
2. He will quit PPP and joint MIC
3. Dia buat bodoh

Apa sudah jadi lah
Olg tengak pening pasal ekonomi , dia olg semua perjuangkan pasal ISA . Biarlah ISA berada dilandasan yg betul

Jangan asyik nak dapatkan publisiti rakyat demi menjamin masa depan carear politik masing masing. Kita nak pemimpin yg berkebolehan and mengembaikan ekonomi kita ke era baru.

Activiti seperti ISA , Jerit , Bersih , Hintdarf dan sebagainya haruslah di buta dengan lebih displin dan systematic.

Kalau tidak di jaga nanti Mlaysai akan menjadi spt Indonesia, Filiphine dan Thailand

Ingat sebelum buat
Kesal dahalu pendapatan kesal kemudian tidak berguna


moo_t said...

I found the comments are more interesting than kayveas. ;)

Especially commenter that are more coward compare to Kayveas, e.g. Anonymous December 10, 2008 9:36 AM.

moo_t said...

Nevertheless, IMHO, Kayveas deserve it, since he choose to be in bn in the first place.

Anonymous said...

That Kayveas monkey is a stupid asshole he should know very well that any govmen in power will never amend the ISA its is there for any ruling party or govmen to use to protect their own asshole "even if the monkey himself were to be a PM". Remember its been there since the first PM and till now the 5th and the 6th coming do you thing they will even amend it not to dream of them abolishing it.

Anonymous said...

Stalin: "The Pope? How many divisions has he got?"

Dollah: "Kayveas? How many MPs has he got?"

That, my friend, is the reason Dollah told Kayveas to f#ck off

toolan said...

Hi Mav,
Long time no see/read your blogs, how's things?
Anyway, Kayveas now got his balls squeezed, and I really do hope he will put his money where his mouth is! IF he does that, maybe he will get a chain reaction from Gerakan and MCA, who knows?

Anonymous said...

as your name implies, kayveas needs to put his 'lan' where his mouth is and swallow them

sudah cakap bikinla said...

Kalau dah nak sangat berambus tu, dipersilakan. Tak payah nak ugut2 lagi. Dia dah tahu apa jawapannya, apa yang dituntut tu bukan senang nak ditunaikan. Tak payah cuba berlagak hero.

abu said...

It's all about money and power. Kayveas won't leave. He would rather swallow the humiliation.

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Maverick SM said...


Did he claim he is misquoted? I might have miss that news.


I think PPP needs to be brave.


I miss that news of misquoted...


He did deserve it.


Ya, long time no hear from you. Nice to have you back here.

sudah capak bikinla,

Kayveas adalah hero baru.


I agree that its all about power, money and positions.

Ares Ang,

Thanks Ares; I did visit your forum.

CK said...

now they ask the adviser to leave.. or sack him?
sack adviser? kinda refreshing haha...

cik rogayah masbon said...

Takkan main ugut je, ingat orang tak berani ambil tindakan? Dipersilakan keluar, pintu keluar ada dekat hujung tu, jalan lah sendiri ye.