Monday, December 08, 2008

Najib: The need to Sacrifices for Success

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the significance of Hari Raya Aidiladha lies in the fact that if Muslims seek to progress and succeed in their endeavours, spiritually and materially, it would not come without sacrifice.

He said the awareness of the need to sacrifice for success should be inculcated in all Muslims.

"The need to sacrifice, which is a blessing from God, is not only a matter of faith but also in our tasks undertaken," he said, at the handing over of 179 head of cattle and two camels to representatives of surau and mosques in his constituency.

Source: The Malaysian Bar

Sacrifice what? Successful Spiritually and Materially? The twins don't meet; can they?

Who and what will become the Sacrificial lambs?



Moo... said...

A crap trying to teach the children how to walk straight??????

Mongol girl being C4ed, is this sacrifice?????

Talk is cheap Mr Najis.

Anonymous said...

Ya he sure know what sacrifices r!

Sacrifices his personal ethics (if he has one), his religion's teachings (if he really understand them), The M'sia's well-beings (what other M'sians?) etc etc....


June.W said...

Sacrifice of the rakyat to fulfill "their" success materially, so that they live a luxurious life, therefore, they will success spiritually....hahaha... they r the "Datuk" we r the lambs :-)

Anonymous said...

Who and what will become the Sacrificial lambs?

Ans: Of course, the Malaysian Chinese and indians lah, who will have to endure the NEP for another 1,000 years

artchan said...

KJ and Mukriz has to be sacrificed...if Mr Rosemary wants to be unchallenged in the future

pancaroba said...

i dont wanna highlight about Najib here.but i wanna bring up on what he said.

yes.there's no shortcut for success.sacrifise must be made (and no i dont mean human sacrifise.haha).

i'm in a family of dad,my mom and me.i'm working in Klang valley therefore means i have to leave the house back there in Perak.i feel reluctant at first to leave the house but my mom told me to carry on with life and not worry about anything my family and i have to apart for a while.

bottom line is,if you want something then you might have to leave something else behind.that's cant always have everything you need in lufe pernamently.

(sorry for the bit of my life there.haha.i'm sure other people as well have the same experience as me).

Ares Ang said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Doc,

understand u r in Kuching giving seminars. Anyway, how's the respond on PMP course these days?

Just bought another new book ` Napoleon on PM Mgmt'.- Jerry Manas- PMI Certified.Will read a chapter later tonite.- Mmudahlupa

engkaulah said...

Sacrifice a lamb and rake in hundreds of millions, no?

Maverick SM said...


It's a good advice; just incomplete!

June. W,

Just kidding?


You are having fun?


I like how you relate the theme of sacrifices to real life. Thank you.

Ares Ang,

I'll visit the forum.


Things are fine here. I will be in Sibu at the end of this month. See you in your project site.


You very funniiii...

I like your thoughts and how you relate the theme - sacrifices.

Ares A

CK said...

amir muhammad should record everything najib said for his "the ultimate darnest thing said" by the malaysian politicians...

Maverick SM said...

Ares Ang,

I will visit your forum.


Things are ok here. I will be in Sibu at the end of this year to visit you at the project site.


You veri funniiiiii.

Maverick SM said...


Amir always have fun with the darndest thing.

Anonymous said...

What Mr BIJAN says that One Need To Sacrifice To Achieve Success. Read between his lines, One need to Shoot and/or Ejaculate then Bomb to Ultimately (Sacrifice the Extra Body Resources) to meet personal desire.

Why waste money going 7-Eleven for bullet proof vests when the Sacrificed can be Obliterated to ashes and dusts.

Anonymous said...

Dr, u r welcome. Chang informed me last night.- Mmudahlupa

toolan said...

HI Mav,

Sacrifices? What does Najib know about sacrifices? When petrol is at it's peak, he tells us to change our life style but yet he and the rest of the BN cronies still going around wasting tax payers money and going for overseas trips!
Now, petrol is way down yet we don't see any benefit going our way. Instead, the government keep harping that Petronas losing money because of this. So, Najib wants the people to pay more for the fuel to help Petronas out, is it? Or the profit for lower petrol cost goes back into their "hidden" pockets?
To tell you the truth, Najib will be the first PM that I utterly and totally have no confident in! I really dread what will become of us and Malaysia.

Maverick SM said...


Najib knows and he sacrifices.