Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The crave to spent; hard to Ubah Gaya Hidup!

My HP Officejet 4300 3-in-1 Printer-Scanner-Fax was struck by lighting two weeks ago.

The fax is not working but I can still use the printer. Since my office needs a colored printer, I sent that machine there so that I can have the excuse to buy another ...hehehehe!

Today I bought a new machine - Canon Pixma MX318 3-in-1.

The quality of the color-print was fantastic. The scanner is a flat-bed.

After fixing it up I tested the scanner and printer. The quality of the colored print was fantastic and the scanner works excellent. The only issue is the size of the machine which is more than 20inches in length and about 16inches wide; it takes a lot of space.

Anyway, I like this machine. It is user-friendly and the quality of the output are great. The machine only cost RM460 but the ink cost about RM160 for both the black & color cartridge. My other black-and-white laser printer (Xerox Phaser 3110) is still in good working conditions. This Xerox had been with me for more than 3 years but the toner is too expensive (about RM250); I will phased it out once the toner is finished and then get a new A3 size laser printer which is pretty cheap nowadays.


hasan said...

Did you prepare us for this new machine by posting two entries about getting rich? :-)

Maverick SM said...


No I didn't. I was busy the last few weeks and only today I had the time to go shop for this piece. It wasn't a fortune; just a couple of hundred dollars; I just felt it was a bit of pampering self which is a bad habit.

moo_t said...

A3 Laser printer? I though you just complain about space issue. ;)

Maverick SM said...


You are right. I got carried away by my craving. I thought it is nice to have a printer that is capable to print larger presentations. Thanks for your reminder and I will not buy it.

moo_t said...

Maybe there is enough space to hire somebody make a tray for your multifunction printer. You can buy longer USB 2.0 cable to extend the connection range slightly. (max USB cable length 5m)

If you buy a network multifunction printer, you can put it anywhere as long as you hook up the printer network cable(max 100m) to a wireless router.

Then you can print without hook up any wire to the printer.

Samsung even make multifunction printer capable to forward fax to your email.

moo_t said...

With network printer connect to the wireless router, You can print without hooking up your notebook computer directly to the printer using USB cable.

Maverick SM said...


I think those network printers are pretty expensive.

I have a 5m length USB cable and my printers can be park some distance from my pc; the problem is it is a 3-in-1 which means my telephone connection point must be near and scanner function have to be near my pc. As such, I have no alternative but to put it on my pc desk.

Anonymous said...

Xerox make good printers

HP sucks with its bloatware crap

KLS said...

Mav, try to use refill ink for the cartridges , it is very much cheaper.

Maverick SM said...


I did but in reality though the price is half, the toner is only half of the OEM

June.W said...

Hahaha, u guys, the hoohaa of the gadget world. But, Mav, I do mentally support u for spending all this gadget. Without them, v are not bloggers, :-P

Maverick SM said...


Thanks for your moral support. You are right: man is about gadget; women about handbag and shoes.