Friday, December 19, 2008

Ramon's dream and Bayi's gift

What a nice car!
What another nice present from BayiSingh!

Thank you, Bayi!

The esteem and great Prince BayiSingh of Africa bought another car as a gift for my buddy Ramon.

It was a dream come true for Ramon who sent a letter to Prince Bayi two weeks ago expressing his dream of a gold-colored Benz. I never thought Bayi would respond ... but he did; and here it is!!!

Dear Bayi, Ramon asked me to sent his heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the gift.

Don't asked me why Bayi is so generous ... I also don't know!


Anonymous said...

Can you help me quietly tell Bayi that my next dream car is S350 ? - Ramon

Maverick SM said...


Bayi said: Keep Dreaming, for everything starts from a dream.

samson said...

Dear Sir,

I dreamt that I ferried my new bride in a new Merc CLS 350. Maybe it is a dream, but hope is eternal.

Never stop dreaming!

Maverick SM said...


Your dream will come true, if, you believed in it and acted upon it to make it happen.

samson said...

Well, the dream did come true a week ago. Although it was not mine (a kind friend lent it to me), I fulfilled it.

Next step is to get my own CLS! 'Never stop dreaming'

Maverick SM said...


Congratulation! Dreams can become a reality when you embark on the belief.