Friday, December 19, 2008

Lesbian Kisses allowed?

Lesbian kiss sets tongues wagging
report from NST

The first-ever kiss by two Malaysian actresses will be shown on screens today, at nearly 50 cinemas nationwide.

Locking lips on screen are Nurliana Samsuddin and Sharifah Norazean, better known as Scha, in the horror flick Histeria.

In the intimate scene, Nurliana, who plays a lesbian schoolgirl, is supposed to express her interest for the character played by Scha.

"Scha plays a girl who is confused about her sexual orientation," Nurliana said, adding that the kissing scene was not in the original script.

"Scha and I were only supposed to hold hands to show our affection, but on the set, (director James) Lee told us to kiss."
She admitted that she was shocked by the request and did not want to do it at first. "My first instinct was to say no because I was not comfortable."

She then sat down with Lee and Scha to discuss the scene, with the intention of declining to do it.

"During the discussion, we thought it would be impossible for the scene to be approved by the National Censorship Board.

"Lee also explained why he wanted the kissing scene. He said he wanted to show the reality of life in an all-girls boarding school.

"Such relationships exist in schools and that's the message we want to send to the audience."

Nurliana admitted she was nervous when doing the scene. "We did two takes because the first did not work."

In the first take, they relied more on angle for a "camera trick". They were supposed to move their faces close enough for the camera to catch the illusion of a kiss.

"But it did not work and we knew then that there was no other way. In the second take, our lips touched briefly and that's it."

Nurliana said as an actress, it was the most awkward and weird experience.

Now, the actress is feeling the heat over the scene.

"I've received many emails and messages on Facebook condemning me. Some questioned why, as a Muslim, I agreed to do the scene.

"Please understand that the decision to do the scene was a professional one, " said Nurliana, who was also concerned that her parents would be dragged into the controversy.

She said her parents were informed of the scene but they have not seen the movie. "I just hope they will not freak out after watching it."

Histeria, produced by Tayangan Unggul Sdn Bhd, tells the story of a group of girls who have to spend a weekend at a haunted hostel block.

When an evil force is accidentally unleashed, the group has to find a way out of the locked school.

Histeria is Lee's first commercial effort. He made a name in international independent film circles with The Beautiful Washing Machine, which won the Best Asean Feature Award and Fipresci Prize at the Bangkok International Film Festival 2005.

Nurliana is also a director, whose directorial debut was Selamat Pagi Cinta. She is currently working on the action flick, Remp-It V3, as assistant director.

Source: NST


Welcome to the world of lesbianism! Hi PAS, ini boleh kah?



suka_aman said...

let's just watch the movie first or at least hear to those who had watched after the movie is out soon.sometimes things like thus just like some hot air trying to gain publicty so that people gonna go watch the movie to find if the rumour about the movie is true or not.

Anonymous said...

For the minister of tourism, this ain't no big deal

Raison D'etre said...

Cheap pubicity stunts, perhaps? Won't be the first time someone thought of using controversy to sell a movie, eh?

What the big deal about a kiss when you have the whole shebang (pun intended) online anyway.

Go watch only if you must. :)

banks said...

i think is just to sell the movie lah.remind yourself that our film aint as big as in the US.overthere they sell movie by selling movie and not by putting out controversy unlike here.however,just watch the movie and then we talk.gabish!

Anonymous said...

is azalina the producer?

it could improve her image by making such kiss as common and innocent.

she was regularly doing such in her days at convent bukit nenas in public view.

Al said...

Hi all ... my question is where the heck is the fatwa pannel ... no news at all on this? They make stupid comments about Yoga ... sampai everyone including PM, DPM & even YM Sultans had to make a stand. Hello majlis fatwa ... this kind of stuff barulah buat comments!! Baru lah betul!

artchan said...

For the minister who was grabbing buttocks in hotel lounge..this kiss is nothing.

Whatever happened to that case? Same same covered up?

Anonymous said...

to AI,
u are purely stupid.
In Islam, lesbian itself is haram. moreover kissing between same sex. No need majlis fatwa on this. the rule is clear. Fatwa only to stuff thats not clear.

if u r muslim, kena pergi ceramah agama banyak lagi.
if u r not muslim, dont make stupid comment abt islam.

buat malu aje...

Mohd Wara said...

This kind of thing is worth talking about. The actress said "our lips touch briefly" that means they're not really kissing. Kissing and touching each other lips but I never saw the trailer how do I know its real or not. Kissing is more sucking than touching.In the quran touching the same sex(except their reproduction organs) is not Haram. But it also increase the nafsu and then they will really do it.

I know homosexual is Haram but they are not really doing it. So I Think Its A Real Question To Think About. Is acting to kiss Haram.

But I think Movies r not so good too.Later.

Also, Jangan pergi ceramah sja kena baca makna quran juga. Sometimes, ada juga ceramah yang menyesatkan.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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