Saturday, January 03, 2009

2009: A New Journey

It's 2009! 2008 is gone. Looking back it was a fruitful year for me in 2008. Looking back, I am happy to note that I did achieve some remarkable goals and results; and I am happy with the results.

As a blogger, I am happy to note that I have made a lot of friends in this cyberspace. Thanks to all of you who dropped by to say Hello and Happy New Year. Thanks to Bakaq~Penarik Beca, Zewt, Edi, Mmudahlupa, Engkaulah, Hopeful Pessimist (Oh, it's Hopeful now), my good buddy and an African prince BayiSingh, and Miss HuntressMoon, Sinkeh (or was it gongkaukau), Abu and Ah Beng, all of whom had penned some kind words in the commenter. Thanks to Louise Tang who left his/her message at the shoutbox. And to HuntressMoon, I am happy to note that you have got back your 7 years of your life and have now decided to move forward. seeking a new refresh challenges in life. To Thow of Mmudahlupa, I appreciate your hospitality when I visited you on New Year eve and your support for my son will be long remembered and treasured - you have proven to me that you are a friend and a true friend, for a friend in need is a friend indeed. I regret to say that there are also few other good friends whom I treasure but would not give me some moral support in my new endeavor at a time when I needed them. However, they are few in numbers and most of my buddies have been motivating and supportive. Thanks to Chang for giving me and my son a good holiday. Thanks to Alex Wong for his support and you can be sure that I will continue to be with you. Thanks to Jasmine for helping me with my traveling needs.

This new year will be a year full of exciting and challenging activities for me and I intend to set out to make it a journey filled with funs and excitements. After 8 years of teaching and consultancy I have decided to move on to a new chapeter in life and to a new journey of bigger challenges in life. I will now spent more time with my consultancy, corporate works and at the same time built up innovative-embryo companies which are filled with excitement and fun. The key elements of the challenges are fun and excitement, and together, I will develop those young talents who have the passions and dedication to succeed.

This is the first year in my life that I had spent my new year day in a land I dream to make it my second home. This is also the first time that I had my son William to spent the new year with me after more than 20 years. William and I had decided to join hands to deliver our shared goals and dreams - we are teammates now; together, we will deliver our shared aspirations and together will those others who have decided to join us, we will embark on our new journey of excitement . We will make it a good year filled with exciting challenges. Our key disciplines are: focus, passion, fun, exciting and hardwork. We will all get there, to the destination that we desire.

Happy New Year to all of you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Maveric,
Happy New Year. Wherever you go, hope you continue to post your mind.
Best of luck in your endeavour.

Anonymous said...

Dr, don't mention it.William deserve support as he has shown passion, dedication in his work eventhough the time we spent were only a few hours.At present, that's so much i can support & would do more in future.

You're not only a true friend indeed but also my mentor. We had learnt so much from you ( still learning althought remain stupid!) & nothing compare to the support that i gave William.

It's also my dream to move into corporate world, hopefully it comes a reality.- Mmudahlupa

Take care.

CK said...

Happy New Year Mave. I'm sure you will get more support whenever you needed them in the future.

And take care of your health too.


Maverick SM said...

Anon 10:03am,

Thank you very much for your encouragement. I hope to know you better.


You always remain a favorite student of mine and I will surely mentor up to the level of a corporate lieutenant and captain.


Thanks for the encouragement and reminder. I will take care and have coffee with you. I will be in Sabah soon. Please give me your contact so that we can have coffee.

bayi said...


I believe you have a challenging task ahead. If a father-and-son team can make it, it will be you and William. Does this mean you are going into insurance too?

God bless the two of you. Your success will be all the more meaningful as a father-and-son team.

kiansiap alex said...

My sincere Thanks to you for your support & encouragement for the past so many years. Looking forward for the same support in many years to come.

zhan said...

Hello there, I personally think that both you and your son will be success in no matter what you all are going to up to. Best of luck!
P/S: I'm not a talented person but I wish I can be developed by you because I have great passions and dedication to succeed but don't know the path to take.

Maverick SM said...


Ya, I will take charge of the general insurance business and William will concentrate on Retirement Plan. At the same time I am venturing in other businesses. Please support me, Bayi.

Kiamsiap Alex,

I will do my part.


Thanks and I wish I could play a part in helping you develop your talent.

william yeoh said...

it is my wish come true to not only spend one of very few new year with you, but to able to learn more from you as a partner and my mentor. much work still need to be fix as u tired of mentioned and i will fix it quick this time and move real fast forward. 2 months exactly since we join work hand in hand and nothing closed compared to what i learned 6 yrs ago. i will assure you of my utmost commitment to achieve my dream for 2009 and long awaited MDRT goal, with so many passionate partner with me, i'm sure all of us will move forward together..

hi thow, thanks, i assure you of my very service to you and your family in future.

happy new year once again and also to my millionaires partner, Raymond, Alex, Julia, Siti, Chang and not to forget, Justina and wishes..

Maverick SM said...


It's extremely delighting to know that you have learn much and I have observed your improvements in terms of work ethic and commitment. Though I am anxious to move forward at a much faster pace and very often I get impatient with the current pace, I will try to be more understanding. Let's get on with our work and discover the fantasy and excitements together.

bayi said...


I am very impressed with William's spirit of dedication and sense of commitment. This young man will go places for sure if he keeps his head and I am sure he will.

You have every reason to be proud of him.

Maverick SM said...


You are the godfather to William and he will be proud of you too.