Sunday, January 04, 2009

Project Report: A trip to Kem OYA, Sibu

On 30th December 2008 I visited Kem OYA in Sibu, Sarawak. The government is building more housing for the military personnel. The project include the construction of Class F and Class G quarters and some units of semi-detach houses. I don't have much details of the project at this moment and I am waiting for my buddy to brief me. However, I do have photos for your reference.

This is the entrance to the military camp.

This is the newly built semi-detach houses for the senior officers which are completed.

These are the new quarters for the soldiers which are also nearing completion.

And as we traveled around the project site we saw some workers cleaning the roads.

Wow, the contractor must be doing a good job.

Hei, hello, the pipes are leaking!!! Wei, itu hydrant lah!

I quickly point my camera at the person-in-charge ... and he ...resisted the camera because he says he is not handsome. The good soldier is trying to arrest him ...

Anyway, he bribed us and gave us kopi-O

This is the shop were the kopi-O was transacted and we bade goodbye!


We will be back to monitor the progress of the project.



william yeoh said...

luckily the person in charge know how to serve us well, Kopi O oso ok lah, pls remember every site you working on, jangan lupa all the time, luckily Chang has all the patience to look for it, ..cheers

Anonymous said...

Dr, thanks for the posting.Leaking pipes are definitely not under our scope & we used with permission to clean the road for the safety of the resident there.- Mmudahlupa

Mmudahlupa said...

William,now you know how Surau look like! Person in charge is a low profile & gentle person & the soldier is just too rough!In fact he is my lawyer.

Maverick SM said...


The next publication I will reveal the project audit unless you give me kopi-O again, ok?


That man who is in charge also don't know where is Kem OYA.

bayi said...

Is this one of your new team projects with William?

I know where good kopi and kopi-o is served but I don't have any projects. Care to have kopi-o with me?

Maverick SM said...


No; it was one of the projects for my research paper.

Bayi, name the place, day and time and I will have coffee with you.

bayi said...

On. I will e-mail you the details. If William is in KL, he's also welcome.

Maverick SM said...


I will make sure your godson is in KL on that day.

Mmudahlupa said...

Dr,if just Kopi-o would make u reveal a good audit, why not. i would include roasted pork leg plus kopi-o kau kau.