Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Less than 2 Weeks to Chinese New Year

It's 14th January 2009 today and Chinese New Year is on 26th January. There's a lot to be done before I can have a break. Work is on high gear and hardly any time to take a rest. I am longing for a break, a break from routine. Stress is creeping up and high and there still so much more to do.

I need a rest now. Good night.


bayi said...

You had better take a break, Mave. Otherwise, you may be saying "Good bye" instead of "Good night"!

Though said in jest, I mean it. Nothing is worth it when we suddenly fall ill because of stress.

June.W said...

yeah, I hv a lot to do too b4 I can enjoy new year...i even have a dateline on 23rd...hahaha...really pai-mia. I have planed my new year schedule, it's sleep, sleep and more sleep...LOL...

Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone and good health too!!

Anonymous said...

You deserved it & so do i. I have a lot to do & catching up on the site progress b4 we take a break.Progress Meeting on 21/01/09 & we're off for `Gong Xi Fa Cai. May you blessed with good health & wealth.- Mmudahlupa

Maverick SM said...


Thanks for the good advice and I will try hard not to let it overwhelmed me.


We seems to share the same stresses.


Ya, we seems to deserve it; let's get going.