Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Pakatan Yang TakHormat di Perak

Perak, oh Perak!

PKR, oh PKR!

Anwar, oh Anwar!

This is the price you have to pay!

The leopard never can change its spots.

Einstein had repeatedly defined "Insanity": you repeatedly kept those who had proven to be corrupted frogs, and expect their characteristics to produce different results.

PKR deserved it! Pakatan deserved these corrupter and Umno will always welcome back their own creed.

DAP knew that she would defect; she did what she had to do.

Sama sama cari makan!

Money is everything, irrespective of your color and intellect!

Money, oh money; we all love money!

God bless us with more money!


Anonymous said...

najib aid no money lah.
lady did it for love. oh God, ask her to go back to Penang. As a Perakian, ask this Judas to do so. For a bagful of money to compensate her God-given limp, pls go.
Penangnites, pls accept her back. Pls ask her to fuck off from Perak, including her family and siblings. Perak doesnt need a Judas like her.

Moo.... said...

P#ki m@k...The three bastards from PK go and die and to hell instead of solo.

You all have betrayed the rakyat.

The rakyat voted you because you all are not in BN or independent because you all were in PK.

Hope the Sultan will be wise enough to disolve the State Assembly.

Citizen said...

Hee Yit Foong is a political whore, I bet she won't hesitate to sell her body if there is an offer for the right price, but unfortunately she is too ugly to be a prostitute.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, what if PM from BN JUMP to PK???

What a big leak in the game... Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin.

The return of the Sultan would solve it? I doubt it seriously.

-- Sarawakinah.

anti-froggie said...

Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Hadi Awang - padan muka

'people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'

We want a credible opposition, not frog head like the above idiots

Anonymous said...

As my favorite line goes: "All here know how to talk!" (including me.)

I wonder how many career politicians are here and commenting.

I do not know the two PKR rep nor DAP's Hee. But I do know that the PKR reps are facing corruption charges. Hee, a whore? I osso dunno.

I do know that I too am a rakyat (from Perak) and I do not remember ever supporting PR or PAS or PKR or DAP.

What I do know is that BN played within the rules. No opposition member has crossed over. The BN man played his card like a true Indian, jump and jump back. And Pakatan Rakyat is left wondering why their 3 ADUNs left the party. A piece of brilliant political maneuvering.

We should try to learn from this political event rather than bitch left and right. After all, this is the risk of a two-party political system. Today Democrats, tomorrow, Republicans. Today PR, tomorrow BN.

Is that what the 'rakyat' really want? Is Malaysia really that developed or has the population maturity to have a two-party political system? Is Malaysia wealthy enough to take a risk on its economic objectives over its political aspirations?


Anonymous said...

want to serve the people?

pordah, 2 dogs & 1 bitch running wild...

the balls over the other side nicer to jilat ke?

Anonymous said...

Now she is one rich buggered bitch.

Anonymous said...

The one rich buggered bitch I heard was from Mongolia who was C4-ed to the Big Grasslands In The Sky

two-face said...

Anybody want the last laugh? I do!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

omelet said...

Anwar mesti tengah macam cacing kepanasan sekarang.dia yang beria-ria mahu bentuk kerajaan baru tapi BN pulak yang dapat faedah dari method yang dia ura-urakan.haha.

Anonymous said...

Sekali lompat jadi multi-million hairs. ekonomi tak baik masa depan, Gaji YB rendah biar kaya cepat. Lain kali PR jangan buat pengundi susah. Nak pilih calun buka seluar dalam periksa betul2 takut ada jangkit kurap atau kelamin tak. Tengok baik baik!

Anonymous said...

in malaysia, it's about money politics. and who has more money than the ruling party. their only hope now is to have a by-election and try to win back the seat. else it's bye bye.

torexxx said...

kenapa Pakatan Rakyat perlu takut sampai nak buat perhimpunan ‘Selamatkan Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Perak’.?bukankah Anwar sendiri pernah kata "2 hilang,200 mari"? :).

bila dah kena batang hidung sendiri mulalah nak menggelabah.Anwar yang memulakan isu lompat-melompat ini tapi apabila BN yang dapat membentuk kerajaan baru dimarah pula kepada BN.sedangkan BN tak pernah pun mempromosikan lompat-melompat untuk bina kerajaan baru.

moo_t said...

Seems Najib and Anwar are really "kamcing" brother. Instead of "go back to work", they fooling around with frogs play.
Seems the spend too much time to fools around with politics than look after the country.

June.W said...

even YB is human, ~~sssigghhh~~~, i think v rakyat better take of ourselves. the perakian who re-apply for land....better take care..

Anonymous said...

Not surprise, Dr. That's why they called themselves politician - the most untrusted profession - Mmudahlupa

Anonymous said...

won a by-election but lost one whole state... lol

bayi said...

Pakatan Rakyat has to bear the blame. But I will still be there for them.

atas pagar said... jgn jentik olang punya telor la kalo lu x mau olang jentik lu punya hahaha...

wa talak sokong bn talak sokong pr
semua politician hyporites..

tp wa suka itu pr tumbang

Anonymous said...

money is everything in Malaysia, especially so in Perak. the Sultan is just another Gomen servant living life from Tax Payers money. no contracts commissions and white coffee monies, Ipoh is as good as Dead city. as Gomen servant, the undergarments are also from the people hard earned monies. will they ever realise this fact that they are nobody without the people hard earned monies. shit indeed!

Maverick SM said...

Dear Commenters,

The issues and political stability is insidious. We leave the issue with the power-that-be.

Ah Sing said...

Hee Yit Foong ,the political prostitute will be curse forever by the people of Perak and Malaysia for toppling the PR state government.

I wonder how she ,her family are going to face the people in the future.

Anonymous said...

call it bad taste, uncalled for or below the belt...

for a disabled, this bitch sure can hop around gleefully.

damn bitch, nobody cheat & lied to the rakyat & live happily.

go eat shit & rot in hell!

MCA mah chai association said...

Hee Yit Foong

Running dog? NO, running bitch!

Anonymous said...

ah sing,

probably have a face lift and some botox and the migrate to Zimbabwee to whore herself again. She find Mugabe good company.