Monday, April 13, 2009

Banking scam via the phone

M Krishnamoorthy | Apr 12, 09 5:53pm

The next time you get a call or SMS from a commercial bank or even Bank Negara requesting to confirm a credit card transaction for the purchase of goods or services, be careful.

Bank Negara has reminded the public not to disclose their personal banking information to any unknown party without verification.

Based on recent complaints received by Bank Negara, there has been an increase in incidents of banking fraud carried out via the phone.

In a press statement recently, Bank Negara has cautioned the public to be vigilant when receiving any calls or SMS claiming that it is from Bank Negara or any commercial banks.

The fraudsters have been making calls and sending SMS to unknowing members of the public in order to fraudulently obtain their personal banking information, with the aim of siphoning money from one's account.

From Bank Negara’s investigations, the modus operandi of the scam is as follows:

1) Victim receives SMS or telephone call requesting confirmation on a credit card transaction for the purchase of goods or services purportedly charged to the victim's credit card.

2) When victim calls the telephone number provided in the SMS, the fraudster will identify himself or herself as an agent of a commercial bank, and again, ask the victim to confirm whether the credit card transaction had taken place.

3) When victim informs the fraudster that he has no such credit card or transaction, the fraudster will start to sound concerned and will advise victim to lodge a report with Bank Negara’s 'Unit Kad Kredit Palsu', or with the commercial bank's 'credit card management department'.

The fraudster will provide the victim with the telephone number for the 'Unit Kad Kredit Palsu'.

4) When victim calls the telephone number provided, they are greeted by a automated voice message which identifies the company as Bank Negara Malaysia, and the call will then be answered by someone claiming to be a Bank Negara Malaysia officer. This officer will request for information relating to the victim's banking and credit card accounts under the pretense of lodging a complaint on behalf of the victim.

5) The fraudsters now have sufficient information to illegally transfer funds out of the victim's bank account.

Clarification from Bank Negara

Bank Negara has also clarified that:

* There is no department called “Unit Kad Kredit Palsu” in Bank Negara Malaysia;

* 8659-XXXX is not a Bank Negara telephone line; and

* Bank Negara will NEVER request for personal banking information through SMS or telephone calls.

To contact Bank Negara for more details on the above - Tel: 1-300-88-5465, Fax: (03) 2174 1515, E-mail:

Source: Malaysiakini



Anonymous said...

On this, Telco should also play their part to prevent it - especially when ther is any complaint.

On 16/01/08 I received a SMS saying I won 20K 'dari Peraduan CELCOM' and it requeste me to call 0062 8135 4989 863. Suspecting non-Malaysian number I emailed to CELCOM telling the probable SCAM and requesting it to 'SUSPEND/STOP' the number with the main reason that the sender was 'reprsenting CELCOM'.

The replied I got was that CELCOM COULD NOT DO ANYTHING and requesting me to ignore the number.

I just could not understand CELCOM could allow a non-Malaysian number to said it was from CELCOM !!!

To Telcom, pls do your public service and NOT just taking our monies.

Nani, CHeras

Anonymous said...

Ah the explanation is simple.The people in Celcom are involved.Just like the so many reports on Maybank and nothing gets done...the people in Maybank are involved.

Anonymous said...

The worse part is that you are billed for that fraudulent SMS in your bill. If they can charge 1 subscriber for Rm0.30 for one SMS , imagine the millions of subscribers who are robbed through this way.

How many people take the trouble to check their accounts or bother to file a complaint ?

It is such a hassle going through those computer generated messages to file a complain over a Rm0.30 charge.

Those using prepaid's are even worse off as they have no means to know how many of those SMS's are charged into their accounts.

How can those fraudulent SMS senders manage to bill the SMS to our accounts? This is really fishy!

No Fool Here said...

Whenever I encounter these fraudsters , I will give them false information just to make them looking like a fool when they realise the info furnished was false.
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