Friday, May 01, 2009

B.U.M. 2009: A place for bloggers to meet

Bloggers’ Universe Malaysia (BUM) 2009

BUM2009 will tap-dance in again at The Lake View Club, Subang Jaya, and the Organising Committee is giving you good notice to keep yourself free for a date at Da Bloggers’ Event of Da Year!

BUM 2009 will have an extra session on top of last year’s two as it is observed that the news media and the blogging world has attracted a lot of interest after he March 8, 2008 General Elections.

Mark Saturday, May 16, 2009 in your diary.

The BUM2009 Organizing Committee has gathered at the Starter’s Block, and are all fired up to make the Event memorable for all BUMmers.

The probable list of speakers are:

Check out our official blogsite for details, here.


sun said...

which one is the best,blogger or goblogger?

Anonymous said...

Thanks matey for PR-ing BUM2009 among thy BUMmer friends -- you recruiting a battalion?

Time/dime for tehtarik in KL so-ON? Give me a y-el-l in FR, YL, Desi

Maverick SM said...


I don't know.


Where is teh-tarik?

Sam Din said...

Ithink the organisers forgot to invite Rais Yatim! LOL! Hahaha....

desiderata said...

Tehtarik on wednesday May 6, 2.30PM at CPI office, KLSCAH, other BUMmers likely to come Rockybru, Ancient Mariner n DonPlayPuks -- DesiERRATA2! -- YL

Maverick SM said...

Sam Din,

The organizer did invite Rais but he yatimed.


I couldn't make it on May 6 as I have a full day of meetings.

chloeee ♥ said...

uncle mave u gonna be there? i know lakeview club very well and might just go and say hi. :)

Maverick SM said...


I know your lakeview and I was there the last two years but I didn't see you around. This year I will be there too. Call me when you are around.