Thursday, April 23, 2009

False police report lodged against Malaysiakini

A movement calling itself Gagasan Melayu Perak (GMP) has lodged a police report against Malaysiakini over a news report which the website had not published.

In the police report, GMP president Mohd Hilmi Ismail claimed that Malaysiakini had published an article insulting the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, and Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah.

The said article, headlined ‘Raja Nazrin defends monarchy against ridicule’, was allegedly published by Malaysiakini on Tuesday.

GMP hoped that the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture would take action against the website for abusing information technology without considering the implication on national security.

But a check revealed that no such report was published by the online news daily.

Malaysiakini contacted GMP this morning to seek clarification over the police report and was told by Mohd Hilmi that he was not aware if Malaysiakini had carried such a report before going to the police.

“I didn’t know about the said article. I was informed by my staff and I lodged a report,” he said.

When asked if he realised that he could have tarnished Malaysiakini reputation with his police report, Mohd Hilmi asked: “Isn’t Malaysiakini the same as Malaysian Today or some other blogs?”

About an hour after contacting Mohd Hilmi, GMP's legal advisor Nor Ali Nordin called Malaysiakini to apologise for their error.

"My president (Mohd Hilmi) just spoke to me and we would like to apologise to Malaysiakini for our mistake," he said.

GMP also blamed Utusan Malaysia for confusing the issue and naming Malaysiakini in its report.

"We have informed Utusan Malaysia to make the necessary corrections," said the unsigned statement from the movement's legal advisor.



Is Malaysiakini the same as Malaysian Today or Malaysia Today? GMP didn't know!

But Malaysia Today is already dead! RPK had pronounced the death of Malaysia Today long time ago. The son of Malaysia Today is How could a president of an organization not know this? How could he not know the difference between Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today? Did he know mothers are women, and wife are women too? Did he not know 1Malaysia or Negara Ku? Didn't we have Tanjung Rambutan and Tampoi? Didn't they have proper security for the people? Didn't .... ah, never mind lah!


Jed Yoong said...

hahaha ha ha ha ha ha. rotfl..

KC said...

“I didn’t know about the said article. I was informed by my staff and I lodged a report,” he said.

Banyak cantik!Firman-Nya dalam surah al-Baqarah ayat 191 bermaksud: “Dan fitnah itu lebih besar bahayanya daripada pembunuhan.”

Jawablah kau kepadaNya.

Dhahran Sea said...

This is a typical "royal pengampu" mentality... tau ampu without reasons grounded in reality... Malaysia can live without these lickers...

artchan said...

He must be a bloody farrking idiot! At least verify or ask to see the article before making a police report. Typical GMP mentality. If the Prez is so bloody stoopid..what else can we think of the members...stoopid people leading stoopid people or stoopid people following stoopid people.

Sorry Mav, cannot tahan...delete this post if you think it is offensive to GMP.....but seriously what kind of head is he?

Purple~MushRooM said...

Probably can't even differentiate between a monkey and a naked homosapien. hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Ouch..... this is one stupid bodek kaki who C4ed himself in the ass..ouch..ouch.


Hamba said...

He looks like the Grinch...The Malay version of "The Grinch who stole Christmas", only here it's "The Grinch who tried to steal a scoop" but it turn out it was just a scoop of shit, a Gimp shit to be exact. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I shot blindly cos someone say he is the culprit says GMP.....what a joke and GMP are made of real jokers....clowns...baduts.....

moo_t said...

Many org like GMP is nothing more than sponsored BN org with a NGO sheep skin . And they draw money from the government coffer too.
Alas, they even imitate the bad bureaucratic of federal government : refuse to check fact, spin the fact.

June.W said...

i think these people try to keep themselves up with the new generation 'Y' and become generation 'A'...'A' for a****le, such a waste of money that all de education being given and now people think with de their bump...~~sigh~~

Anonymous said...

ha! ha! ha!

najis same-same like monkey

losmah same-same like babi... lol!

Anonymous said...

UMNO got caught with their panst down engaging in their favourite pastime and now national sport - Lodging Police Reports

gongkaukau said...

This guy's an opportunist!

Purple Haze said...

I suppose it will be too much to expect to see either the President of GMP or the legal adviser to resign over this snafu.

Presumably, integrity and verification of facts is not part of their vocabulary.

Mat Taih said...

What integrity? They are probably paid to do this. If not, they just want to stroke someone's balls and get some opportunities to enrich themselves.

Anonymous said...

This is the main problem of our country now. Too many incapable idiot appointed to lead. This kind of stupid idiot should not be allow roaming around to degrade the country. He should be keep at home preserving his expensive brain.

Anak Penyu

simone zain said...

I think only in Malaysia one can lodge a police report without knowing thw truth and get away with it!

This GMP Hilmi fella sould be charge for mischief!

Malaysia Boleh lah!

Anonymous said...

ball carriers personified.

ha2 ha2 ha2 ha2

luckily he is pro-BN else kena kau kau for making a false report.

kaki toyol said...

A toyol never changes.