Friday, April 24, 2009

Father rape daughter & pay $1

Father paid her RM1 every time they had sex
By : Adie Suri Zulkefli and Phuah Ken Lin

GEORGE TOWN: A 13-year old girl who was allegedly turned into a sex slave by her father and molested by her brothers for the past five years finally plucked up the courage to lodge a report on Wednesday.

The father allegedly raped her on several occasions, while her brothers took turns to molest her.

The girl told police that the first time her father raped her was when she was 9 years old.

She said each time she was raped by her father, he paid her between RM1 and RM2.

Source: NST


Would a father do such thing to his own daughter? He should be cursed and sent to hell!


psc said...

he should be castrated

Anonymous said...

thrown to crocodile pit

Simone Zain said...

Animal! Beast!

KIMHO8 said...

Soak his dick into acid!

moo_t said...

Dog feed.

But isn't incident are consider social problem? Disrespect of minority indirectly lead to this.

Aji Ulat said...

Just tell me what is the difference between this case and the one involving two members of the police special forces murdering a pregnant woman WITHOUT MOTIVE. I see no difference whatsoever as Malaysians are all going to the dogs period.

Pak Mat said...

Prostitute your own daughter and only you have the monopoly to patronize? What kind of father is this? A rapist in the family> No, two! Like father, like son!

Castration is to kind a punishment. Roast their balls alive!

Anonymous said...

is this for real or not? may be that girl learn from Roasted-Mah and make up story due to not getting her Barbie-doll commission. why C4 herself when she could do it on others... never underestimate kids intuitive nowadays!

Anonymous said...

lucky anwar ibrahim did't do that

Matilah said...

RM1? What an insult! Rubbing salt to the wound lah!