Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Victim: Cucumber and Brinjal

NST Report
26th May 2009
Page 9, Prime News

Now wife faces probe for report on abusive sex

KAJANG: A man who was recently arrested for allegedly abusing his wife sexually with a cucumber and a brinjal, was not linked to the murder of 8-year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin two years ago.

Police investigations revealed that the 40-year-old man used the vegetables to "satisfy" his wife as he had lost the ability to have sex after a recent accident.

He was picked up by police earlier this month after his wife had lodged a report, alleging that he had been sexually abusing her using vegetables for the past six years.

But after questioning by police, it was learnt that the woman, in her late 30s, had a boyfriend, and had used the police report for the purpose of getting their marriage annulled.

"When the wife was questioned by the police, she broke down and admitted that she wanted a divorce from her husband to be with her boyfriend," a police source said.

"At the time of the report, she wanted a divorce but he refused to give in. The couple have been married for 16 years and have four children."

The source added that the husband had used the vegetables during their love-making and it was at his wife's request.

"In her report, the wife had also falsely accused her husband of violent sex," the source said.

"When the woman found out that police wanted to open investigation papers on the case, she wanted to withdraw her report."

Police, however, are not letting the woman get off easily. She is now being investigated for lodging a false report.

Source: NST

Lessons Learned:

Please spare the cucumber and brinjal as they are innocent vegetables necessary for human consumption as food for the body. Cucumber are nice for nasi lemak and sambal belacan. Brinjal is nice for curry. Please use those toys made for this specific purpose and it is far hygenic and taste better.

Today I eat nasi lemak for lunch. Luckily I read this news at night. Tomorrow I won't eat nasi lemak with cucumber just in case ...



bayi said...

Like you, Mave, I have suddenly lost my taste for cucumber and brinjals. Urrgghh...

June.W said...

it is so true Mav, those cucumber & brinjal are innocent...dun we Malaysian know there are toys on sale...try to locate them online if can't get from naughty house...OMG...luckily I got gastric problem..limited santan..the last time i had nasi lemak was 2 weeks ago...YYYAAAKKKK

Donkey Hee said...

If she had asked her husband to switch to sex toys instead of cucumbers and brinjals, she might not even need a boyfriend!!! Hahaha..

Anonymous said...

Do you think she used the cucumbers and brinjals to feed her family after using them? I am almost sure she did!

Jefus said...

Ray is Gay. He goes into the doctor's office and has some tests run.

The doctor comes back and says, ' Ray, I'm not going to beat around the bush. You have AIDS.'

Ray is devastated. 'Doc, what can I do?

Eat 1 curry sausage, 1 head of cabbage, 20 unpeeled carrots drenched in hot sauce, 10 Jalapeno peppers, 40 walnuts and 40 peanuts,1/2 box of All Bran, and top it off with a gallon of prune juice..'

Ray asks bewildered, ' Will that cure me, Doc?'

Doc says, No, but it should leave you with a better understanding of what your arse is for.

Respect veggeies, they serve a purpose

Maverick SM said...


eat meat lah!


Nasi lemak is nice. Just don't remember this piece.

Donkey Hee,

You are right. Toy's better!


Nice story. Ray must try.

Anonymous said...

Why cucumber and brinjals????

For sure Hot Chilli could offer better satisfaction ma.... Hee Haw

zewt said...

memang macam macam pun ada.

Anonymous said...

haven't they heard of US president
using cigars ? ....our cerut here r very much cheaper laa !

Anonymous said...

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