Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Computer Day

Today is Father's Day and a Sunday. Since my desktop PC is giving me some problem. Each time I boot up the screen is black and I had to reboot; then it works. I thought I might as well sent it to Moni's place at Sunway Pyramid to do a checkup. The PC doctor said it was the VGA Card fault. I had to pay $300 for a Nvidia V719.

When I got home to install the LCD screen could not boot up. I called Moni and discovered that I had to use a DVI cable or to use a DVI adapter. That damn Moni did not tell me earlier and I had to go to Sunway to buy that piece of adapter.

Again, as I got back the PC wouldn't boot and as I tried to reboot the plastic button got stuck. Again, I had to sent it back to Moni. This time the PC doctor said it could be due to the DVD player. I am not sure but I decide to change a new Samsung DVD player which is only $100.

The test was done and it works. I thought I might as well buy a new wireless keyboard and mouse to replace my existing one which is also a wireless set. After all, it was about spending money and maybe spending some money will heal the problem. It did! The problem is resolved and I can now do my blogging.


toolan said...

Happy Papa Day........

adriantai said...

you might also wanna consider changing your PC Dr. :)

Maverick SM said...


My computer is a Core2 Duo chipset and my harddisk is 1TB. I think my PC is still relevant and update.


Happy Father's Day to you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


I think adriantal mentioned abou changing your pc Doctor :)

Anonymous said...

where can i buy a 'father-board' pc
for my dad...pls !