Thursday, June 25, 2009

The New Paradoxical Era of Consultancy

Government appoints consultant to resolve AirAsia airport tax arrears

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 – The government has appointed a consultant to resolve the issue of airport tax arrears of RM65 million owed by AirAsia Bhd to Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB).

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the government has studied the matter and it would be used as a basis to resolve the problem.

“There is still a gap between AirAsia and MAHB and we have appointed a consultant to find the middle path ... it has been studied now by the government and we will use that as a basis to resolve the problem between them.”

“It will be seen as an objective, we are not going to take side ... we will decide on the basis of principle,” he said at a press conference after officiating at The National Baitulmal Convention 2009 at Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan here today.

– Bernama


Malaysia is now moving towards the paradoxical age of Consultancy in negotiations and project management. MAHB-AirAsia airport taxes, duly paid by passengers, and not paid by AirAsia to MAHB has become a problem for the government. PKFZ was an idea, a great idea,, to have the world-class Integrated Shipping Hub to shore our dream of V2020 and ended up with a possible $12 billion problem. CIQ is the most advance Custom and Immigration Terminal designed with world-class efficiency and is now used as a security checkpoint.

In Charles Handy's words, it's the age of Paradox as Capitalism has not proved to be as flexible as it was supposed to be, and government have not been as wise or far seeing as it should have been.

In the Age of Paradox, it is about so many things that seems to contain their own contradictions and so many good intentions to have unintended consequences, and so many formulas for success to carry a sting in their tails.

Paradox has indeed almost become the cliche of our times. It is the dilemma of knowing more while getting more confused, and the more we increase our mental and technical knowledge capacities, the more we observed the government becoming incapacitated.

After all, life is a struggle for many and a puzzle for most.


Wood said...

Just wonder who is the lucky consultant.

At one percent of the disputed sum, the consultant will earn a cool RM650,000.00 fee.

What can a consultant actually do other than comming out with some recomendations and a figure?

I thought an abitrators will be more appropriate.....

Maybe in BolehLand thinks work in a unique way....

moo_t said...

Malaysia SNAFU as usual. So called "more experience" government are just plain bullshit.

1. Consultant ? So Malaysia government reluctant to call them debt collector. What happens to MAHB staff that handle collections?

2. On the other hand. Even MAHB are GLC,it still a privatised entities. WTF the government go inter vent the business?

3. Isn't Ong Tee Keat MOT that suppose to oversee this? Too busy on PKFZ? And why the Prime Minister go do Ong job? Is this mean Najib want to do all his minister job?

It seems Najib show he is working : not as Prime Minister, but messenger like OTK.

Anonymous said...

This case is similar to the Consolidation or Merger between Sime Darby and Straits&Island Peninsular plus Golden Hope; one consultant appointed to Create "Synergy Drive" to came out at the end as BS Drive. The companies yet cant deliver results after firing tonnes of staff. The consultant made tonnes of cash too!

Connected to who????

The Bijan fella is much worst-dumber than the previous Pee-Empt; this time around biotechnology-created consultant will suck out more money$ from the public funds directly and/or indirectly.

And.... the people get the best car with strong body plus superb Ltous handling; guess what... Proton Saga!

At a price of Six (6) Taek-made caskets equivalent to Proton Saga, that's what the country can deliver... ?????

Avatar said...

Why is it necessary to hire consultants in the first place? Either make the decision to 'require' Air Asia to pay up money they have ALREADY collected from customers or reduce it to a reasonable sum.

Sometimes, I just don't understand our Government....

artchan said...

We have dickheads in MAB and I mean real dickheads..simple just before going into departure hall station a MAB cashier to collect airport tax before passengers can enter departure lounge...

Prime Minister cannot think? Need consultant?

And OTK..buta gaji? or another dickie?

moo_t said...

Just read some other news, apparently, AirAsia are using the 65millions arrears tactically to FORCE MAHB to reduce the airport tax, and miscellaneous charge impose on LCCT.

So AA has the upper hand. It is either "waive the cost and reduce price" or "sue me if you dare".

I afraid as similar to many Malaysia Boleh case, even the "consultation" failed, Malaysia tax payer still need to pay hefty "consultation fees".

Gan said...

Macam ini pun bolih?

So maybe next time we poor rakyat owe bank, we also bolih default lah.

Then bolih kasi peluang orang cari rezeki.

P.S. Maybe MAS and lain airline pun bolih adopt sama cara - pocket the airport taxes dulu, then everything belakang kira.

Anonymous said...

and the consultant will be entitled to 30% of the final fee payable to malaysian airport! wanna take a bet with the wager being a cup of Ipoh Old Town coffee?
inevitably, the consultant is found to be linked to BN.