Monday, July 06, 2009

Another BayiSingh in my life's journey

Sometime ago, last year, there was a young boy sitting at the front row at a seminar I was facilitating. He looks more like a boutique toyboy, a rich man's son. During the seminar his hand phone never stops ringing and each time he has to walk out to take the calls. However, his phone was on silent/vibrating mode and it doesn't disturb the others.

This guy asked a lot of questions at the seminar. He seems eager to learn, far too eager to learn such that, at times, it was quite annoying. Anyway, he was young and I had to respond to all his queries.

After the 2 days seminar he invited me to have dinner with him as he had things to discuss with me. I became his mentor and coach thereafter.

This stylish boy was indeed a son of a rich and successful entrepreneur who owns a listed company, a very successful company. This guy has so much energy and drive; he has great dreams and he pours his heart and soul into his works . He drives the business at extreme speed and power. His passion in his work and his drive and energy would cause great anxieties to his parents and colleagues, in particular, his father who is conservative and a careful businessman.

Less than one year, this boy has set up a number of new businesses models and everything is going his way. Each time when he discussed with me on his desires and intention to venture into new business and wanted my advices I had to pull him back and insisted that he ponder over those new ventures and analyzes the risks and its downsides. I am more of a critic than a motivator. If you overheard me you would have called me a doomsayer, negative most of the time in my advices.

Most people would have been upset with my comments and opinions (I often poured cold water on hot passions). Though he may be upset but I think he accepts my style and negativity. Most of the time he proof himself beyond my apprehension and illustrated his passion and hard works, and most of all, he delivers the result. I must say, he is destined to rise high and become big in the corporate world.

Today, I was invited to attend a board meeting at his office. The board of directors were to deliberate on a new business venture that may require huge sum of investments. I was quite concern over this venture and had been skeptical over his ability to undertake such big investments and of which is not their core competency. However, after the presentations and deliberations, and after meeting up with all his experts and consultants for this project I somehow felt positive and confident that this project would succeed and would contribute positively towards the corporate business structures and drive the company to a higher plateau. I only have this words for him: "Keep it up and keep going."

The company gave me a Certificate of Appreciation and a gift in a tiny box as a token of appreciation. The box is about 100mm x 75mm in size. I had to leave before the board finish their business as I have to attend another meeting which was rescheduled in order that I could attend this board meeting. As I was in my car I opened up the box to see what's inside. To my surprise it was .... it was ... astonishing ... it's a watch!!!

It's an Armani! Emporio Armani watch!

Thank you, Michael! You are another BayiSingh in my life journey. I truly appreciate your gracious gift and it is really nice and sweet of you. I love this piece.

Thank you once again.


Anonymous said...

Thumbs Up Mave.
We are happy for you!
That Michael... he's not the MJ right???

Maverick SM said...

Anon 9.00pm,

Ya, he is the MJ!

Anonymous said...

Mav, during my batch, most of the students are poor, that's why we can't afford this expensive gift. Many except for dinner, foot reflexology, Body reflexology, facial & ear cleaning, SPA..he...he..- Mmudahlupa

Maverick SM said...


I go to Sibu and you take me to kopi shop only ... you kiamsiap!!!

tagskie said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Shamsul Yunos said...

nice watch

nak jemput skit boleh?

please come over to my blog and watch my video report on Anwar's sodomy trial

dari 5,000 yang diharapkan... 150 aje yang datang bersorak

william yeoh said...

u deserve it. good things always come because u always do good things in life.

Maverick SM said...


Welcome here. I had also visited yours.

Shamsul Yunos,

Terima kasih. I had visited yours too.


Thanks for the nice words. I will do more good things.

Anonymous said...

A look-alike one = rm 10 di pasar malam ! repeat : look-alike saja, NO offence, pls.

Anonymous said...

i bought a Rolex costing 10 saja too !