Sunday, July 05, 2009

Illegal Charter Flights from Subang Airport

New Sunday Times
July 5, 2009
Page 26 News

'Illegal Flights' out of Subang

NST news crew caught a picture of a foreign aircraft operating charter flights in Subang. That plane has a Malaysian flag on its rudder but the code number on fuselage indicates it is a foreign registered aircraft.

According to NST's report, Subang airport had been used as a hub for illegal charter flights and no actions were taken by Department of Civil Aviation (DCA).

Aviation industry sources claim such operations have been going on for almost 20 years and DCA has turned a "blind eye". "Such practices have been going on for so long because the DCA, being the enforcing authority, is not cracking the whip," NST reported.

DCA Director-General Datuk Azharuddin A. Rahman said his department needed proof before that can investigate the matter.

"Ask those who complain to give us the official complaints in black and white and I will definitely crack the whip. I have been the D-G for 2 years and no one has complained to me," Datuk Azharuddin said.

"Frankly, if foreign-registered aircraft are being used for charter and hire, we will not know it. All the DCA will know is, the number of passengers on board and its destination," he said.

Source: NST: Show us proof and DCA will crack the whip


Ai shi man! It is really tough for DCA's job. How can they know that's charter flight or private use? Don't blame DCA lah, they also don't know - tak tau mah!

But, Mr Azharuddin, you ask those complainants to write officially to you so that you can investigate ... Sir, do you mean you and your DCA cannot investigate if there is no official complaints in black and white? Ai, this statement sounds so familiar lah, Sir? Datuk, Malaysians who complaint may end up being investigated and charged for making such complain and some even had been detained and charged under the ISA. Even if it is not true but when the complainants have pictures with conspicuous evidence, isn't it good enough for you and DCA to investigate and find out ... I am still puzzled why you need black and white complaints.

Oh, by the way, dear Datuk, the official owner and song writer of Black and White who himself is a black and officially turned white is now dead and his funeral is expected to be held on the 7th of July. Are you attending the memorial services of Michael Jackson, Sir?



Anonymous said...

no black no white, my hair is black my teeth looks white
but i am not white nor black

sounds like biawak huh!

moo_t said...

Show us proof?!!

3rd world mentality in rampage in every Bolehland governmetn department.

artchan said...

hahahaha...typical dickheads response.

Wait until the plane crash on him...maybe that will wake him up....

What else..but Malaysia Boleh spirit

Jefus said...

amazing itsn't? sitting on your thumbs for two years and there's no complaints?

where to find this kind of job?

Sleeping with eyes wide open,......

Yan said...

" Subang airport had been used as a hub for illegal charter flights"???
With this kind of national security, anything can happen.

denzook said...

it's like polis asking criminal victims to show evidence before they carry out investigations.

i like the trend of this :)

June.W said... Bolehland! I wonder if anyone make black and white complaint when our heroes catch those prostitute in our Bolehland... Hhhmmmm...

Anonymous said...

That's how they do drugs trafficking.

Maverick SM said...


I think the D-G doesn't know it; probably!


He has woke up now.


There's no compliant; so how?


Well, many things had happened.


This trend is our culture.

June W,

They often caught the wrong prostitute.

Anonymous said...

when does a charter becomes illegal?

only because it is not a malaysian plane?

what about if I charter a flight from UK to KL and back?

all you guys are seeing is the return flight and that is not illegal.

Anonymous said...

ohh that was how rpk got out of the country.. he he he

Anonymous said...

if u could respond , take the initiative laa ...dumb !

Backside Warmer said...

No one complain to DCA and so it's not DCA's fault? Summore want people to give proof first? And the DG has been in his position for 2 years warming his backside?

How did he get to be the DG?