Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gunong Ledang, Johor

Me and my buddy Pak Adib had a chance to visit Gunong Ledang.

This is my first trip to Gunong Ledang. I have heard of Puteri Gunong Ledang but I had never known that there is a resort at Gunong Ledang.

Two days ago, Pak Adib and me traveled by car to Gunong Ledang. We stayed at the resort for 2 days; not for holidays but to conduct a seminar.

From Kuala Lumpur we traveled by the North-South highway and exit at Tangkak toll and then passed Tangkak town before arriving at Gunong Ledang.

This is the place:

This is our room:

This is the cupboard and dressing table cum reading table:

Here are the beds:

Fortunately the bath tub was quite nice:

Hehehehe ... the above is a wrong picture. It is this one below:

Gunong Ledang is more than 4,000 ft high. We didn't climb the mountain. We just walk around the foothill and there was a small waterfall for tourists to take a cold bath.

I am back in KL. I am tired and need to take a rest as tomorrow I had many meetings to attend. Good night!


Anonymous said...

Gunung Ledang ehhhh.... its nice especially after heavy rain one can experience cool breeze and misty covering the Gunung.

No more Mat Rempits there huh.... probably they're rushing NSE to join Perwaris Jomm ISA "institute sexual activity"....

Catch you in the crowds tomorrow!

Henley said...

Yes Gunong Ledang, formerly known as Mt. Ophir... a few kilometres from Sagil. A good place to laze around. hehe..