Saturday, September 12, 2009

MIC Election Results: Tun M & Najib lost

MIC Election Results:

Mahathir - lost

Najib - lost

Samy - won

Palanivel - won

Subramaniam - lost

MIC president S Samy Vellu today said the Indian community voted against the Barisan Nasional because they were fed up with the ruling coalition, and not him.

The election results proved he was absolutely right.

Datuk Seri Samy Vellu said the loss of Indian support for Barisan Nasional (BN) was because the community had been neglected by the Government for too long and not because he had become unpopular.

“Many are blaming (me), saying people are fed up with me but they are fed up with BN, not me. I can directly say this because I am not afraid of anybody.”

He acknowledged that he has been accused of staying in power for too long but said that under his leadership, since 1979, the party had won 10 general elections.

He pointed out that Tun Dr Mahathir, too, had stayed in power for 22 years and asked if he could say that the Indians abandoned BN because he (Dr Mahathir) had stayed too long.

When asked what he thought about Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s initiatives for the community he said: “It’s a bit late but still good

“The moment I say I am going there will be gangsters who will enter the hall and disrupt the party,” Samy said.

If Samy goes, the gangsters and mobs will take over!!!


Anonymous said...

The indians who voted samy are the mic indians,Subramaniam and group ill now be leaving mic.
It does not mean samy elu is liked.

Anonymous said...

Yes najib lost and that is good for bn. Semi value will not be able to deliver the indian vote in Bagan Pinang.

digger said...

MIC habis, Semi Value also habis

Start digging.

Mahathir " Saya pantang dicabar"

Najib " Saya pantang dicabar"

Jefus said...

the unprecedented demise of BN has begun.

Anonymous said...

Indians love misery and self-infliction. That's why they choose Semi Value!

That is a fact!

AHyoyo said...

...and MIC will now be a burden to BN, in addition to MCA. With the decline in support for UMNO, the eclipse of Barisan Nasional is a foregone conclusion.

Mustaffa said...

pity that Indians are not pragmatics as their Chinese counterparts! Are all of you cowards? Please wake-up even a boy in this country hates Samy!

Anonymous said...

Semi talk big only. If he has balls he should take mic out of BN since he says the indians are not happy with BN.

Sam but not Semi said...

See SAMI without his armor -


Anonymous said...

walau, is he the taikos of all taikos?

indian man said...

Sami sure will act like taiko one. He was alredi like this those days. Now win alredi, lagi taiko lah!

When he talk big, all the other indians mati lah.People lagi sideline the indians lah.

Anonymous said...

Sam - won
Palanivel - won
Subra - lost
Sothi - lost
Dr M - lost
MIC - lost
Indians - lost
Hindraf - won
BN - lost

Anonymous said...

kerismudin said the mic delegate =
'biadab' !

Anonymous said...

mic delegate who wants a 'slippers-garland' for tdm sudah di-suspendered

Anonymous said...

when i won sungai-siput = bribe....
...oops...bride ! now i'm the bn's
liability ...wat lah you ..
apa ni dat one @#$%^&* !!