Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Women's Dilemma? (Part 2)

From the book:
Kiss My Tiara
by Susan Jane Gilman

Beauty & Women's dilemma

"Cosmetic surgery is not Cosmetic - it is Surgery!

"All the magical before and after pictures don't show people with their faces black and blue and swollen up like beach balls, or with their nipples cut off then stitched back on, their breasts bisected by scars. They don't show us all the painkillers we'll need to be on, or the risks involved with going under anesthesia.

"Ask a woman why she want to be beautiful and many will eventually admit: "For men", "to be loved", "to get laid", "to get married".

"From time immemorial, women have been taught that beauty is essential for attracting a mate. Men are aroused by what they see, women are told.

"And yet, when it comes to men, women have also been told something else with equal fervency: 'Men will fuck anything.'

"So, which one is it? Do women have to be beautiful, or will men fuck them anyway?

"An informal survey conducted reveals that, men are far more likely to fuck any of them. Men are polymorphously perverse - they can fetishize anything and just about do! Their erotic imaginations know no bounds.

So, relax, ladies. Love and sex will come your way even if you're not a "great beauty". And, when all else fails, remember this: As grandma used to say, Hey, you're the one with the pussy. What are you knocking yourself out for? Let men get on their knees and beg ... of all things, sex!

Finally, just in case you forgot the Rule: To address women's issues without humour in this day and age is sort of criminally negligent. Because, really, it's the only sane choice. If we don't use humour and irreverence, what are the alternatives? Anger, fear and victimhood - and Goddess knows we've had enough of that!



Anak Merdeka said...

Actually Mave, I've seen plastic boobs during my onsen experience and honestly, they DO look stiff and unnatural! Where's the beauty in that, I wonder? ;D

Anonymous said...

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