Friday, July 09, 2010

Kg Baru development: The New Ketuanan dilemma

Kg Baru renewal must include non-Malays, says Dr M
By Asrul Hadi Abudllah Sani
The Malaysian Insider
July 08, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, July 8 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad tonight jumped into the debate over Kampung Baru’s proposed redevelopment, saying it must also involve the non-Malays.

The former prime minister pointed out that the inclusion of non-Malays will make Kampung Baru more attractive to not only foreigners but also local visitors. The residents have thus far objected to plans to bring in non-Malays into the enclave next to the city's business district.

“When I was the prime minister, I have tried to develop Kampung Baru but the residents objected.

“We have developed Kampung Baru as a Malay area for the community to do business but I think they there should be other races to take part in its redevelopment because it will create a better attraction,” he said during RTM’s Forum on the Tenth Malaysia Plan at the Putra World Trade Centre here.

He argued that the involvement of non-Malays will generate more interest from the Malay community.

“If not then the Malays won’t come because some of them think that Malays can’t do business. So we want to use the non-Malays as bait to lure more visitors,” said Malaysia's longest-serving prime minister who stepped down in October 2003.

However Dr Mahathir did not state the ratio of the non-Malays to be involved in the development plans.

“We should give a reasonable percentage to them. Kampung Baru is now a slum and squatters in the middle of the city which is very ugly. Until when are we going to allow this? It is not logica,l so we must progress,” he said.

Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali defended Dr Mahathir and said the former premier was pragmatic.

“Tun speaks in terms of reality and we have to accept it. It is a strategy to bring success to the development of Kampung Baru,” he told reporters.

Ibrahim said that the Malay rights group has always believed the involvement of non-Malays is important in bringing capital for investment.

“We need investors so I don’t think it’s wrong if certain projects where non-Malays own 60 per cent. If not, then the redevelopment of Kampung Baru won’t be a reality because of the construction and value of the property. So who will buy? So we have to take [this into] account.

“There are some areas where we must ensure that the ownership of Bumiputera is 100 per cent but there are also other areas where we must strategise,” said the Pasir Mas MP.




I do not agree with Mahathir. Kg Baru is the Malay heartland in KL and any attempt to divest the ownership of the land or properties will erode the Malays' equity interest and later on may lead to another one of those accusations of "pendatang invasion" or dilution of the Malay land ownership. The land and ownership of properties in Kg Baru must remain with the Malays so as to uphold the Ketuanan principles.

Mahathir claimed that the involvement of the non-Malays will generate more interest from the Malay community. It is partly true but then it will also generate envy and unhappiness if the others may become successful business occupiers when that heartland is infiltrated with the invited and investing pendatangs.

Whatever the possibilities, there's always many ways to look at it. Solutions to a problem will eventually breed new and more potent problems. The Malays must try to keep that land and properties for themselves to avoid blames.



Moo.. said...

Hope that KG Baru will not be another Batu Road where most of the stalls are occupied by Indonesian.

moot said...

Since Mahathir create so many AP-King and Malay rich elite, he should mobilise all Malay tycoon than drag non-Malay into it.

Oh wait, did Mahathir means Malay-tycoons REFUSE to get involve? Where is perkasa that he is backing?

Anonymous said...

By non-Malays he means his non-Malay cronies esp. Vincent Tan

Anonymous said...

only selected non-malays are qualify.

Anonymous said...

u tink kami babicina bodoh kah wen u need us ????? @#$%^&*&^%$#@ .

Anonymous said...

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