Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Insult? What is insolence?

Read this: Ezam Noor evidence of insult

Do you know the meaning of insult?

Don't make yourself a mockery! The world do not know how to laugh at utter fools!

Being insulted? Felt insulted if you did not pay wages to your workers?

What is the meaning of insult?

It means to be treated with insolence, indignity, or contempt!

If you didn't pay wages to your workers and they complaint, is that insult to your dignity?

The principle of equity and justice is that: Those who come for equity must come with clean hands.

If the claim is frivolous, that's not about insult ... it's defamation!!!! Get it right, my friend and don't make the world looks like fools.

Thousands of Indonesian workers, oh, Bumis, work in construction site, and when they don't get paid; and after the story is highlighted, they suddenly get paid; what insult?

If you do not know of the construction site problem or pretend to know too much of the thereafter truth, then don't pretend to be the protector.

Watch your back side, Ezam, for you understand it better than anybody else! Senator is nothing; saifulling yourself is mockery!!!


Moo.. said...

What do we expect from 'Rejects'?

Rejected by the Rakyat and PKR.

Just wonder where his six boxes of evidence of Anwar? Ha ha ha ...

Anonymous said...

It has been proven that people around u play a part in moulding person that u are, whether u are smart, stupid etc. Therefore it is no wonder that this guy has turned so brainless since he has joined his new gang!

Anonymous said...

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