Friday, August 20, 2010

Adaptability to Sociopolitical Change

Our politicians are puzzled by the seemingly irrational resistance to change exhibited by certain individuals and self- interest groups. Our nation's chief executive who aspires to achieve peaceful integration of the races in his country, at one time or another, face this blind resistance. yet we know little about its sources. We not only find no ready answers to such dilemmas, but discovered that we lack even an adequate theory of adaptation, without which it is extremely unlikely that we will ever find the answers.

The rate of change has implications quite apart from the direction of change. No attempt to understand adaptability can succeed until this fact is grasped. Any attempt to define the content of change must include the consequences of pace itself as part of that content.

Successful coping with the current and ongoing rapid changes to the social structure and system will require us to adopt a new stance toward the future, a new sensitive awareness of the role it plays in the present.

--- Alvin Toffler; Future Shock


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