Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mahathir dilemma revealed (Part 2)

Dr Mahathir reaffirmed that Malays are not ready yet to compete on an equal footing with the Chinese in particular.

“I am not ashamed to admit that I cannot compete with the Chinese and Indian students when studying medicine. They had much better results than me and the other six Malay students for entry into the Medical College. I had my chance (because of the handicap system adopted by the British) then. On pure merit I would not be a doctor today, not because I was not qualified, but my qualification was lower than others.

“One has to remember that the Chinese civilisation is more than 4000 years old. No other civilisation has lasted that long. Naturally they have developed a culture better able to survive under all conditions. It is my belief that if the percentage of Chinese in the United Kingdom for example is the same as in Malaysia, UK would be better developed than it is now. It is not surprising that the Chinese excel in developing Malaysia (for which they are amply rewarded).”

He said that it was not shameful to lose out against the Chinese but to just catch up would require handicaps.

“To be given handicaps is to ensure fairness, not discrimination. That is why in golf you have handicaps. That is why in all contests there must be equality between the contestants. It is selfish if having benefited from the handicaps you want to deny others from having them.”

SOURCE: The Malaysian Insider


Hahahahahahaha ...

I cannot stop laughing at the beautiful arguments made by Mahathir. Now we know why; he was granted handicap in medicine and probably he also granted handicaps to his children including APs and handout of Projects.

Malays can't compete with the Chinese? I felt sorry if it is true. I have been taught by philosophers that all human were given brains with the same intellect by the Creator, the Almighty God. I must blame God for making some humans less intelligent than the Chinese.



Anonymous said...

Ibrahim Ali would have filed police report against him for rubbishing Malay race if it was not Mahathir.

How come nobody come out to defend the Malays? This Indian racist has truly shamed the Malay race.

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