Friday, October 22, 2010

Najib echo Mahathir

Extract of Najib's speech at UMNO AGM

"The Malays of the 21st century must (themselves ) be made to be ready for this era."

[remarks & emphasis: there's no free lunch forever; only during Hari Raya open houses]

"From being too obsessed with 'rights' it is incumbent upon the Malays to prepare themselves to benefit from such rights. Of what good are quotas, reserves and permits if they are wasted? Of what good is opportunity if it is surrendered for short-term gain? You must work on capacity building and face today's realities!"

"If there were any one among this crowd who felt that success was your divine right, [remember] this is by far from the truth."

"The Malays must work on their professionalism and do so with honour and respect."

(Emphasis & remakrs: KEY WORDS: Professionalism - Honour - Respect! ehm ... something truly absent in the culture.)

What were the other messages in his speech???

"As for now, racial polemics, Malays rights were academic in nature, given that it is constitutionally enshrined, including the rights of all citizens."

What if, BN losses the next GE? Huh ...Najib swears ... hell, it's going to be scary.


Anonymous said...

what if BN looses?.... is it not other Malaysians that take its place? Perhaps betters? At least with a legitimate mandate with the will of the people.

what if BN looses? ..... the loss is BN and only BNs. They lost it because of the way they conducted themselves.

what if BN looses?.... Malaysia still stands. And for the better too.


hasilox said...

Good news for Radovan Karadzic. He may have cellmates! Will they play chess or main masak-masak? lol

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