Sunday, November 14, 2010

A New Way of Thinking (Part 1)

SOURCE: From the Book 'A New Way Of Thinking, A New Way Of Being - Experiencing The TAO TE CHING by Dr Wayne W. Dyer


Gukita said...

These sayings all SOUNDS good. Is it in the 'dream world' or 'fairy tale kingdom' where desires overcome reality? The purists on the spiritualism sees materialism as pantomine devoid of actual meaning but they themselves cannot describe in quantitative terms; only superficial reflections havng imprints in the 'spirtual emotion'..

I have not seen any great works (physical) emerging out of these minds. All the great inventions of our mind comes from the analytical minds. All great works of arts from the artists..

Hence, I believe there is great need to integrate these diametrically opposing principles; the empty mind as vehicle for the soul to grasp the essence of the universe with the analytical and perseptive minds to manipulate nature bounties to create products for human needs..

I believe a True Muslim can.. True Muslims in the context of earlier Islamic generation that spearhead the developments wihout sacrificing their spirituality..

Maverick SM said...


I also think the true Muslim can; just that, what we observed within our country's ulama & spiritualists such as mufti perak, I can't see it probable.

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