Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A New Way of Thinking (Part 2)

SOURCE: From the Book 'A New Way Of Thinking, A New Way Of Being - Experiencing The TAO TE CHING by Dr Wayne W. Dyer



Anonymous said...

Hi, Dr Yeoh. How are you? Good to see you back. Very busy, i suppose.Anyway, how much are those books?
- Mmudahlupa

Maverick SM said...


The book by Dr Wayne Dyer cost RM55.10 at MPH.

Busy me? Ya, trying to earn a living.

Anonymous said...

Will visit MPH this weekend.Of late, mostly spend my time completing the PM assignment & sometimes office work. 1 more module to go & a PM researh paper. Graduation most probably in June 2011. Will try to meet up with you.

still thinking whether to continue w/ the Masters starting next year. Maybe will take a short break & decide.- Mmudahlupa

Gukita said...

Great words, great meanings.

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