Thursday, January 13, 2011

AirAsia & its more than once experience at Kuching Airport

AirAsia's plane landed at Kuching on 10th Jan 2011.

The landing had been slippery and the plane had to glided off the runway.

It finally landed on the grass verge

The pundits blame the bald tyres .....
Others blame the rain ...

Others blame Singapore govt ... don't know why.

Mahathir, will you blame the Zionist?

I wonder if someone will blame god.



Anonymous said...

Looks like the pilot is playing drift.

Perkasa will blame the chinese
Annuar will blame the former IGP
Samy will blame the contractor
Lim Guan Eng will blame BN
Karpal will blame the UMNO youth
MAS will laugh
List goes on!

moot said...

Bald tyres? Don't make me laugh. These plane are not maintain by RMAF. The maintenance crew just follow the typical maintenance schedule and the tyres will be all good

Rains? Lol, did the landing lanes build according to international standard.

Since Kuching airport has many skids incident happens and nothing has come out after investigation. So I expect same the same after investigation.

Tiffany Jewelry said...

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bayi said...

moot has a point.

what is kuching airport's record of similar incidents compared to other likewise standard airports?

also, what is airasia's accident record compared to those of the other airlines? taking into consideration the weather and the number of such landings, naturally.

Cruel Angel said...

i heard its not the 1st time Airasia plan skidded... but this time cant cover up!

Anonymous said...

Let's blame on Tony Fernandez and his method of keeping his fleet of airplanes up to aviation standards.

zewt said...

come one... isnt it obvious?

act of god....