Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why did Malays scorn their own brother?

I was reading Sallehuddin's Blog today and in his article: Public Land And Rising Prices: Rakyat DiDahulukan, and at para 5 he wrote:


Maju is owned by entrepreneur Tan Sri Abu Sahid Mohamad or popularly known as Abu Juling (cross-eyed Abu). They developed the Bandar Tasek Selatan in Bandar Tun Abdul Razak, Cheras.


At later paragraph he quote from an sms which he had received from Ghaffar of Muar, [Quote]

This is an issue of people versus errant developer. Huff and puff by Abu Juling (is an) offshot (of) a row in the meeting (between developer and people) with Ministry of Federal Territory over a disputed land matter of Tasik Selatan.

Abu Juling walked out claiming that the whole of Tasik Selatan belong to him. He bought it in 1986.

(That is) Juling's unschooled and birdbrains spelt out by his ignorant and adamant (ways) as pictured.


What puzzles me is: why do you call someone as Abu Juling when that person is Tan Sri Abu Sahid, a successful Bumiputera, a Malay and a Muslim? How many times was Abu addressed as juling?

This is a man who was honoured with the Title: Tan Sri by our Yang Di Pertuan Agong. He comes from a poor family and over the decades he laboured - blood, sweat and tears - to ultimately build up his business empire to what it is today - a multi billion dollar empire.

He is a good example of a hardworking Malay entrepreneur, a man who sleeps at 5am daily, pondering over his business processes and making strategic decisions daily to make sure that his businesses are progressing in the right direction and ensuring sustainability over the next few years.

Tan Sri Abu's business empire has given employment to many thousands of Malays and he is one of the very few Bumiputera Contractor who has a competent and capable team of project managers and supervisors. The Integrated Transport Terminal (TBS-BTS) at Bandar Tasik Selatan was completed in a record time - without any Extension of Time - on October 2010; the contract completion date was Nov 2010. Take note that there was a 12 months delay due to squatters relocation problem (of which DBKL was responsible), underground services relocation problems, and the project also requires Maju Holdings to build a steel bridge over 3 railway lines (ERL, Rapid & KTM). There was also the problem of soft ground conditions and massive soil replacements and soil strengthening works. Yet, the project was completed ahead of schedule on October 2010. What is more impressive is that, the TBS-BTS was fully operational by 1st Jan 2011 - less than 2 1/2 months after CF/CCC. Which government facility/project was operational within 3 months of completion? None!!!

Why are the Malays not proud of their own people who have become successful? He was a poor Malay boy - a rag to riches Malay boy story. Ya, he was a beneficiary of the NEP; so is Syed Mokhtar, Amin Shah, Tajuddin Ramli, AP Hanif, Kamaladdin, Nasir Razak, Mirzan, Mukhriz & Mokhzani Mahathir, Halim Saad, Azman Mokhtar, Khalid Ibrahim, Azman Hashim, and various others. He may be Mahathir's protege, but he did not cheat to gain; he did not sell APs to become rich; he works hard when he was young; he works as a labourer, he later buys and sell scrap metals, he made some money and start his property development business, he got the opportunity when Perwaja was bankrupt by buying over the failing business and turning it around; he is a self-made billionaire.

Tan Sri Abu Sahid took the opportunities when it arises; he sought the governments approval to take over Perwaja when it was in deep shit; the opportunities were granted to him; he toiled, laboured and bled, and over the years of suffering he finally made it big and became successful.

So, shouldn't we be proud that there are Malays who has become successful and rich - they work hard; they suffered failures, falls down, get up and get on with the journey to dreamland.

This is a man who deserves to be applauded for his hard work and business acumen. Why can't we address him as Tan Sri Abu Sahid or alternatively call him as Encik Abu; why add Juling? Ada kah ini adat istiadat orang orang Melayu atau hanya satu-dua orang sahaja yang kurang upaya?

There are times businessmen makes wrongly advised decisions and he may have to suffer punishments such as losses or to pay compensations, or may even have to be indicted or incarcerated. But Tan Sri Abu Sahid is not a devil or is such devilish type of person as portrayed by some. He has, over the years, donated a lot of money, time and energy to do charity, build mosques and help many poor Malays. He has given employment to thousands of Malays.

The problem with the development land at Bandar Tasik Selation is not as devilish as it is made out to be. It concerns a development plan that was altered or modified and the proposed recreational park initially earmarked and submitted to DBKL as part of the development for the construction of about 2,000 Apartments; that proposal was later scrapped; revised design was resubmitted to the authorities for the construction of 5 bungalows for himself, his children and family members. At such, in view of the changed in design, he must have been advised that, since the original plan to build the Apartments was altered, therefore he need not surrender that part of land for recreational park. That allocated recreational park was intended for the owners of the proposed Apartments. If he was wrongly advised, or if the bylaws did not permit him to utilized that piece of land which was purportedly to have been surrendered to DBKL (which his consultants advised him that it was not), then DBKL can act against him. Equally, Abu Sahid can seek the court's jurisdiction to review the purported legal interpretation by DBKL. There are various differing legal opinions and it would be best settled if the case is brought to the court for a judicial decision that is binding.

So, while some of the surrounding house owners at Bandar Tasik Selatan may be unhappy and protesting, can we be civic-minded and have the courtesy to call that man as: Tan Sri Abu Sahid or just, Abu Sahid?



Raison D'etre said...

He may have been wrong in building his buildings but what the hell did the good folks of Bandaraya do all the while the construction work was going on? Goyang?

You're right though. Calling people names seem a favorite pastime amongst us Malaysian. Its our flawed characteristic, I'd say.

Anonymous said...

adat istiadat means CEREMONY

Maverick SM said...

Raison D'etre,

The designed and submissions of the bungalows were duly submitted to the authorities for approval. In Malaysia, many housing projects started before formal approval received. What it means is that the developer were willing to take risks. Its the same for Zakaria Daros Istana project as well as scores of others. Kuching airport project started before the govt awarded it to Ting Pek King; and many many others too.

BTW, adat istiadat translation:


1. custom
2. mores
3. ceremonial
4. ceremony
5. manners
6. vogue

It's basically associated with the culture and values of a particular class.

bayi said...

Doc, I heard he's a nice guy. I agree with your point.

Anonymous said...

F*#?! u people who bodet the rich, i'm resident here and been told by B.Tun Razak's UMNO chairman Dato that when the apartment in construction, the developer shown the master plan which is include the recreation park for the residents of B.T.S ,after years of waiting ,end up five bunglow alocated at 32 acres land , and Juling came to TS with his heli, he keep 20 over dogs here , can u imagine ? DOGS ! in Malay area ?

Anonymous said...

if he is so poor , then how can he own a piece of prime land in 1986 ? u must answer how he got the land .

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:09pm: It's not bodek the rich but it's the fact. Your BTR UMNO Chairman also must get the facts right. Like Raison D'Etre said, the recreational land is to be transferred to DBKL IF the land is developed based on the master plan. Which part you don't understand??? And don't comment on something you don't know. Tan Sri Abu keeps 20 canines as watchdogs i.e for security only. He doesn't keep them in the house as pets I believe.

Anon 1:12 - He started his scrap metal business circa 1976-77. Those days, it could bring you some good money. Over the years, he managed to build his business selling auto parts. That's how he managed to buy the land in Bandar Tasik Selatan, also with the help of bank loans.

Keep your bloody facts right!!!

bayi said...

Anon 1:09pm: No need to F*#! anyone. Just keep the reasoning civil. Just because you live there does not make your view definitely right. Get your facts right before you talk. And if you are so righteous, don't hide behind anonimity.

Anonymous said...

I support the anonymous's view. kaki bodek!!!!!

Burger said...

Sorry, my English is very bad. please let me proceed in malay. Saya dah kenal Tan Sri Abu Sahid sejak saya lahir. Even, atuk saya, and 2 dari aunty saya bekerja dengan dia. He's my grandfather's bestfriend. Since kecik..mmg dia miskin n susah dulu. but then, dia start keje yg bkaitan ngn besi, dia ambil atok sy keje dgn dia. sampai sekarang. even, atok saya dah tak boleh kerja.. n duk rumah je..gaji dia still jalan. Masa atok sy sakit , n perlukan operation, dia bwk atok n nenek sy nak pegi buat operation luar negara. tapi, kami tak teruskan opertion tu sbb nyawa atok sy 50-50 kalau buat operation tu. Dia pun agree, n sepanjang waktu atok sy dlm process nak pulih, tan sri jaga atok n nenek sy. diorg duduk dekat guess room kat rumah tan sri.lama sangat..berbulan. He's a very kind man. Even, rumah grandparents sy sekarang ni pun, setengah dari duit renovation and beli rumah ni dia yang sumbangkan. Tapi dia paling tak suka kalau kawan2 yang tikam belakang dia. Sangat tak sedap saya dengar orang yang bercakap pasal dia. Ape pun dia nak buat kat BTS tu hak dia.. BTS tu dia punya. Cakap lah ape pun pasal dia.. hanya yang kenal dia tau sape dia..Dia still datang raya rumah atok n nenek saya walaupun dia sekarang dah semakin kaya. Peace yawww!

Anonymous said...

Never knew that he is already a Tan Sri. Apologise for being ignorant. I have known him as Abu Juling from my late father. He was my late father's friend. We lived in the same street in Muar. My late father told me the story about how he rises from rags to riches. I admire his humbleness and enterprising mind. He proves that if you are willing to work hard, you can succeed. I told his story over and over again to my family and friends even though I don’t know him personally, but his success is a motivation.

Tengku Arif said...

Just for the record, he is my uncle
( my father's cousin)

Pesot said...

Uncle abu..the best.. (Mymums cousin, munap family)

azarina said...

Assalammu'alaikum Pesot, I'm doing some research on our family tree. According to this blog (see link below), TS Abu Sahid is a descendent of Rahmat bin Abdullah. I'd like to find out more. Please refer to para 1. for your line. My family line is para 4.b. and para 4.e. (my paternal grandparents were first cousins).


Sam Saim said...

Org bandar Muar kenal ayah Tan Sri. Ayahnya ejen teksi, upah tolak teksi dan tentukan pelanggan mana nak pegi. Sekarang anaknya berjaya. Belajar dan ambik semangat dia. Jangan kutuk2. Apa yg baik kita jadikan pelajaran.