Friday, October 14, 2011

Religion & Patriotism: What is the Virtue of Life?


Girl Holds Umbrella for Disabled Old Beggar in Rainstorm

In the middle of a rainstorm, a thin frail girl was seen holding an umbrella for a handicapped old beggar while she herself was soaked in the rain. This scene was captured by a netizen in Suzhou who happened to witness the precious moment with his camera.

In Malaysia, we, the diverse society, the various races and the two sides of politicians, are busy and working hard to find fault with each other and one another. If we can't find the real faults, we create them so that it looks real. We are still busy with: (1) whether we are Malaysian First or Malay First, (2) whether Nasi Lemak 2.0 is seditious, (3) whether the church is evangelizing the Muslims, (4) whether Rosmah has bought the $24mil diamond ring, (5) whether Anwar was in Thailand prostituting, (6) whether ........... , uh, too long to narate .... but the nation is hardly concern: (1) whether recession is imminent, (2) whether another economic crisis similar to the American sub-prime crisis is imminent, (3) whether & why our universities are not on par with the top 500 universities international, (4) whether & why our graduates are unemployable, (5) whether we will become the next Zimbabwe, (5) whether our banks will collapse with piles of debts unserviced, (6) whether & why ..... uh, too long to narate ....

Love, care, charity and co-existence, we hardly can observe!!! Oh, Malaysia, what had happened to us??? Religion? Religion didn't teach us to find fault with others; Religion didn't teach us to hate others; Religion didn't teach us to be evil? Oh ya, Satan is part of religion too.
SOURCE: posted by Fengniao “金桥tj” & XiCi netizen “林听海安”



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