Monday, November 07, 2011

Poem for Today: Integrity

How many of us live with true integrity every day?
I do my work to the fullest, never cheat in any way.
I will continue to stay to the path I made up my mind to tread,
Falling away from truth never entered my head.

However hard the way, if I have integrity in me,
I'll strive and never give in even when I was betrayed.
I'll maintain my honor and trustworthiness to all my friends.
My words will be my bond, always fit to greet.

I will never give into temptation however strong,
Never on purpose would I ever do anything wrong,
No bribe would ever be large enough to lead me astray,
For integrity would always show me the right way.

God give me the strength to have integrity through my life,
That however hard the struggle, however much strife
I will stand strong and true, until my earthly life is through,
That I will be honorable and honest in all the things I do.

Integrity will stand the test of time. Nothing can cause me to lower my values of life and cause me to depart from the fundamental principles that I had upheld all these years. I am very fortunate that I had sufficient reserves to be able and capable to deal with all situations. God has blessed me!

Ref: Poem adapted from M. Ann Margetson

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