Sunday, April 22, 2012

Barcelona 1 Real Madrid 2

I stayed up all night to watch the game at Nou Camp between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

I have been a Madrid fan since the arrival of Jose Mourinho from Inter Milan. I was never an Inter Milan fan but I was a Chelsea fan when the "Special One" arrived at Stanford Bridge.

Finally, Real Madrid has overcome their own psychological barriers - the inferiority complex - that you can't beat Barca at Nou Camp. Last night, they won there! And would most likely win the La Liga title. On Wednesday Real will have to face off with Bayern Munich at Santiago Bernabeu. They had to beat Bayern to be at the final of the Championship League, the title Mourinho couldn't win at Chelsea, although he had won it at Porto and Inter Milan.

Best of Luck to Real Madrid! Tonight I will watch the F1 held at Bahrain.

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