Sunday, July 07, 2013

Come Buy Shops please; for National Unity Sake


Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan said:

"... in the Klang Valley, only 15 percent of retail shops are operated by Bumiputera, while the rest are operated by the Chinese.

"It is not a good statistic from a national economic distribution level," he told a press conference in Seremban, according to Sin Chew Daily.

He said that he needed to point this out because the current scenario was not healthy for the country's economic development.

"When the tourists visit Malaysia, they might ask: Are there only Chinese in Malaysia? Where are the Malay, Indian, Kadazan and Iban shops?

 "The Chinese had become first-class citizens long ago. If not, they would not have 85 percent business ownership. And among the top 40 Malaysian tycoons, three quarters are Chinese," he said.


 I don't have any shop in Klang Valley nor anywhere. But I am prepared to assist any one, Bumiputera or Indians or Orang Asli or anybody else to buy a shophouse or Soho anywhere in Klang Valley. There are plenty of shops awaiting new buyers or interested buyers. So, please contact me or any real estate agent if you need to buy them. And dear Ahmad Maslan, please help the Bumiputeras to buy those available shops in Klang Valley so that they can help to increase the ownership differentials and ensure "National Unity" (if national unity is the criteria measured by owning shops in Klang Valley, or anywhere else). 

Today, after being in college and universities for more than 10 years, I discovered that all my lecturers have failed to make me understand that national unity, or, national economic distribution is measured vide shops ownership. My lecturers taught me that "people who buy shops are those who need a premise to do business and/or to invest in properties, either for rent or hoping that property prices will appreciate and thereof he will gain profits. Shops are investments ... and if it affects national unity and economic distributions, then please go and buy as much as you can to solve national unity problems.

What about those who hoards cashs? I mean those who keeps cash or cash deposits? And what about those who keeps (i.e. pile up) credit card debts? Will these also affects national economic distribution or debt ownership? Can Ahmad Maslan clarify that debt ownership is also needed to ensure national economic distribution? If that is the case, I must go and advice all my children to start borrowing as much as possible to ensure national economic distribution is achieved; all for the sake of national unity!!!

EPF is buying shopping complexes; is it because of national unity or investments?

But EPF is buying so many properties in London and New York too! Will buying foreign shops and properties affects national unity? Dear Ahmad Maslan, please clarify! 

I am just puzzled; who is stopping the Bumis from buying or owning shops? Maybe, Maybank, Khazanah, Tabung Haji, LTAT and all those institutions including Syed Mokhtar should buy up whatever available shops in Klang Valley to distribute it to all my Bumi friends and fellow Malaysians, including my brother, Dato Rocky Bru, A Voice, Nuraina and Marina Mahathir too. And please don't forget my colleagues and staff in my company too!!! Dear Amin, Fahmi and Wada, please call Datuk Ahmad Maslan to assist as we need shops for our new office (kalau boleh lah)

P/S: Oh, by the way, dear Ahmad Maslan, I am delighted to know that I am a First Class Citizen. I will go and convince all my children on your statement. Terima Kasih banyak banyak!

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