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'Main terminal hitch to blame'  
(Pg B2, Business Times, NST, 8 July 2013)


MALAYSIA Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) could have accelerated the remaining works at the low-cost terminal building (klia2) in Sepang, if the main terminal had been completed on time.

A company official, who declined to be named, said KLIA2 could have been opened on June 28 2013.

"Had the terminal been ready, MAHB and the other contractors would have accelerated work on the remaining packages to complete on time. This means klia2 could have been opened last month," the official told Business Times.


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Many asked me when will Part 3 be released? Today! Because, I love more statements from MAHB officials. I wanted to let the public hear from the press release from MAHB and let the public grasps the story from MAHB officials. Then I will tell my story, one at a time.

Before I start Part 3, I may also be writing Part 4 to Part 8 - another 5 more installments - in stages. Part 3 will continue on the Main Terminal & Satellite Building. In Part 4, I will write about the soil conditions, the marine clay profile, the soil improvements carried out and what was the soil consolidation at the time of commencement of the new Runway construction and the impact of the soil strata on the Main Terminal Building and Satellite Building. Part 5 is a "Secret" ... (I need to seek Don Khaza's permission & get his consent).  In Part 6, I will write on the AGL System - Airport Ground Lighting System and System review of the AGL between current KLIA system, Subang Airport AGL, other airports in Malaysia and what to expect from KLIA2 and ... reveal some letters to the Prime Minister & Transport Minister (I also need to get the green light from Tingkat 4). Part 7 & 8, I have not defragment my information system as yet; will collate the facts and figures.

Ok, let me digress about the article reported on 8 July in Biz Times (NST, pg B2) as quoted above. Before I talk about the scenario, let me show you some pictures below:

Culvert & Drainage Works in Progress (photo dated: 4th July 2013)

Remarks: did you see the RC Piles at the far end?

Box Culvert construction in progress (photo dated: 4th July 2013)

Remarks: why was these drainage systems  not carried at the earlier phase, i.e. during the Infrastructure construction phase, prior to the commencement of terminal building works? Why only constructing now when the Terminal Building is already 93% completed?

Piled foundations for the drainage system in progress (photo dated 4th July 2013)

Photo shows the roof of Gateway@klia2 roof (the building at the far end is the Main Terminal Building & Satellite Building together with the Link Bridge). Gateway@klia is carried out by WCT and is jointly owned by MAHB and WCT (30:70 equity). How come you didn't hear anything about this work progress? Why is MAHB silent on this works?

Remarks: see the roof top of Gateway@klia2 and guess whether it is completed?

RC Ramp linking Main Terminal Building & Gateway@klia2

Remarks: Not yet complete, my dear (photo dated: 4th July 2013)

Drainage System at the Taxi Way connecting to New Runway - Not yet complete, my dear!
(photo dated: 4th July 2013)

Taxi Way connecting to New Runway in progress
(photo dated: 4th July 2013)

Taxi Way connecting to New Runway
(photo dated 4th July 2013)

"Had the terminal been ready, MAHB and the other contractors would have accelerated work on the remaining packages to complete on time. This means klia2 could have been opened last month," MAHB official told Business Times.

Dear Commander Zai and Datuk Azmi Murad and Dato Hamid, I am not sure who that official from MAHB is, but Zai, that statement wouldn't have been said without your consent.

Other contractors? They are facing material shortages problem - drainage layer and quarry products - (if you need their letters, I can publish ...) Ask Swee Kuari; asked Perkasa Jauhari; asked KUB Builders ... and dear Zai, can you tell us whether the AGL cabling works have commence? Or, have all the ducting works  for the AGL  completed by now? 

Dear Zai, can you brief us on the timeline and/or durations required by Customs & Immigration Department for them to install their network system including data cables and system integration?

Dear Zai and Datuk Hamid, can you tell the public about the ATH (Air Transit Hotel) construction and when they will complete? If their works are situated at Satellite Building, how can you expect the Terminal Building contracts to be completed when your third party contractors have yet to complete their works which affects the Certificate of Completion (CCC application)? Also take note that the Interior Design works and Retail Outlets currently in progress (i.e. works by third parties) will also affect the CCC application and Bomba Inspection and certification before CCC can be issued. If CCC cannot be achieved because of third party works, can you impose LAD??? Did your Legal Department brief you on the laws and principles of Contract? Do you know that your Contract Administrator is ignorant of the Law of Contracts when he issued the CNC without exhausting all the events of delay caused by the Employer and/or his Representatives (i.e. CDC) and the failure to consider the delay events caused by the Employer, consequently, the failure to grant EOT for such delay will render "time-at-large"? (Example: S.I. issued on VO works during the period from March to June 2013 where works were delayed due to the additional VO works instructed by the Employer?

Dear Zai, please read Clause 20.4(g) and Clause 20.5 of your Conditions of Contract pertaining to Clause 20.2(c) on Exceptions to Risks that result in "Damages to property and/or Works which the unavoidable result of the Design or Execution of the Works in accordance with the Contract …" Did you know that the Forensic Engineers' report states that the "Soil Consolidation" and "Vertical Drains" installed previously by your Infrastructure Contractors (and subsequently removed prior to achieving the consolidated shear force together with the Surcharged soil strata) was the critical element that create the "forces of nature" and to the extend that sheetpiled shoring system could not withstand the lateral forces acted upon?

Abdul Aziz Kaprawi will be briefed by the forensic experts ... get ready to brief Aziz as he is new to klia2 (oh, Don will also like to have a breakfast meeting)


(p/s: a Voice, you should visit KLIA2 together with Bro Dato Rocky.)

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