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Flaws delayed klia2 


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Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi said 


"klia2 would no longer be a dedicated low-cost terminal, but the country's first hybrid airport, with upgraded business class services and international passenger segregation.

"He said klia2 would have a business class lounge as requested by AirAsia. The budget carrier is expanding its services to include business class via AirAsiaX.

"Aziz said klia2 would also have international passenger segregation between arrival and departure sections to address human trafficking.


The Deputy Transport Minister has now openly admitted that the Proposed LCCT called klia2 is no longer a dedicated LCCT Buildings and Facilities as were tendered and awarded to UEMC-Bina Puri JV.

Datuk Aziz, after being briefed by the Independent Project Auditor concluded hereof that MAHB and his Project Administrators, i.e. the Concept Design Consultant, had made such substantive changes to the original design and the ultimate product is - it is no more a dedicated LCCT, but a "Hybrid Airport" - Malaysia's first Hybrid Airport, with upgraded business class services and business class lounge and international passenger segregation sections.

The Essence - the govt wanted an LCCT;the project was tendered and awarded to a consortium at a fixed lump sum price of RM997 million to "Design and Build" the LCCT; but the project administrators forced unto the contractor to build an "International Business Class Airport".

So, do you see the main problem? Do you now know why the project is delayed? Are you able to comprehend why the contractors are suffering and kept their "Elegant Silence" because UEM is a GLC under Khazanah and MAHB is also owned by Khazanah? Do you know that the Baggage Handling System Contractor has become insolvent and is re-structuring their organization to remain solvent? Do you know why almost all the contractors suffered massive losses including UEM, Bina Puri, KUB Builders except, maybe, WCT and Gadang (because theirs are not design and build contracts; exception is gateway@klia2 which is a JV btw MAHB & WCT)? Do you know why?


MAHB paid contractors to build LCCT;
They then conduct Value Engineering and omitted and reduced substantial facilities and elements in the tendered specifications and design;
On award, the CDC forced the contractors to comply to the "Need Statement" and "Employer's Requirement" documents as per Pre-tender specifications and design concept;
During execution, the consultants appointed by CDC tried to impress the client with their zealousness by insisting on product specifications that are beyond the contracted scope and definitions;
During construction stage, tons of changes and modifications, additions and alterations were made and even until May 2013, there were still substantial changes and modifications.
So, will the airport be completed by June 15, 2013 if changes is still being made in May 2013?

I was wondering: in construction projects, we have a sub-system to manage non-comformance and such sub-system tracks all kinds of non-conformance (we called "NCRs") that include: safety misconduct or non-compliance, defects or defective works, design non-compliance and inadequacy, and all kinds of quality control enforcement issues. At the MAHB Corporate HQ project, there were more than 200 NCRs and the project is approx RM40 million; during the construction of first KLIA, KLIACS, the consultant PMC issued more than 1,000 NCRs (asked Uncle Jamilus); at Kuching Airport we had more than 500 NCRs and at Sibu Airport we also had more than 200 NCRs. All these NCRs are records needed for managing and tracking non-conformance so that the contractors will be obliged to make good those non-conformance within a specified time. Some, and in fact, quite many NCRs are in regards to workers who did not follow safety and/or health procedures; some are with regards to late material submissions, and quite many are non-substantive issues. There are also some NCRs that are critical and some that are records of defective works - all these are part and parcel of construction management. Please go to Shah Alam hospital project and check how many NCRs are issued ... asked JKR engineers about their project NCRs and you will be told there are usually more than a few hundreds. Would this airport project be 90% completed today if the NCRs are the substantive reasons of delay? The delay at klia2 is more than 18 months ...

Some of NCRs issued

Did the Project Auditor engaged by MOT analyzed the soil conditions and the substantive contributions to the settlement of the ground, unexpected soil conditions that forces the contractor to modify and re-design the structural works? Did the Auditor inform the minister that RC Piles had to be driven to support the drains, sewerage pipes and culverts? Did you know that hundreds of thousands of piles have to be added to support the structural works and external services because the soil condition was horrible and in fact this piece of land is not suitable for an airport?

More information of the soil conditions and databases inclduing forensic engineers report will be publish soon. Wait for PART 4!

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