Friday, February 10, 2006

Sudah Kau Tim

Sudah Kau Tim! Ten of the 11 suspected gamblers who had their head shaved at the Kajang police lock-up on the second day of Chinese New Year will not file suits against the police.

Project manager Cheah Tuck Kow, 50, who was among the 11 arrested for playing mahjong at a coffeeshop in Taman Indah Cheras, said the matter has been resolved and they were not going to pursue a civil action.

Cheah, who is the spokesman for all, except Lee Soo Heng, 63, said they were also satisfied that the police were going to investigate their allegations and complaints Selangor chief police pfficer Datuk Yahya Udin said investigations would start at once and an investigating officer from the Selangor police headquarters would conduct it.

Give and Take Lah! We are Malaysian. Semua OK and semua boleh Kau Tim.


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