Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Singaporean Robbed

Is there anything wrong if Banker's tell you to count your money before leaving the bank? Aren't she being concern about insufficient amount?

A Singaporean businessman walked into a bank in Taman Sentosa, Johor Bahru, yesterday and quietly told a teller he wanted to withdraw RM200,000.

Five minutes later, after collecting the money and as he was about to leave, the teller called out to him loudly: "Sir, can you please count if you have RM200,000 before leaving the bank?"

He chided the teller for announcing how much money he had withdrawn. He also lodged a complaint with the bank manager before leaving.

He got into his Jaguar and stopped at a traffic light junction less than 100m from the bank. A Proton Waja with three men inside then blocked his path. Two men, one armed with a wrench and another with a parang, smashed the car windows before grabbing the bag containing the money.

Fortunate for him, three hours later, police arrested the two Indonesians robber at the Stulang Laut Ferry terminal and seized a bag from them containing RM185,000. The suspects were on their way to Batam Island.

Good luck to this man. However, if any of you go to the bank to withdraw large sum of money, please inform the teller not to shout so loud, ok? Otherwise, ...

Question: why did the bank teller had to shout out so loud and why did he/she had to state the exact amount? He/she could just say, "Mr. So and So, please count your money before leaving... why shout out the $200,000?

Interesting to ponder and analyze...


Gukita said...

Sudah pakat ke?

ikanbilis said...

how ironic. the name "teller" already have literal meaning!

Anonymous said...

I withdrew RM6,500 from a bank in Bangsar and the teller counted the money out loud. Although it's not RM200000, I was quite worried. Thankfully, nothing happened.