Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Voice Your Disagreement or Opinion?

Najib said: Civil servants may speak up if they
disagree with any government proposals.

DPM Najib said civil servants should feel comfortable giving their opinions as they are the "backbone" of the Government.

"Sometimes we have very enthusiastic officials who say ‘yes sir, I will do it’ even before a minister finishes his sentence," he said. "They should listen carefully and understand what is being said, and if they don’t agree, they can give their views to the ministers. "I don’t think our ministers are so arrogant or stern that they cannot listen to their views."

"What I really don’t like is when decisions are made, the officials don’t want to implement them. We don’t need ‘Sir Humphreys’ like in the sitcom Yes, Minister," Najib said, referring to the 1980s British comedy series about civil servants who frustrate the work of Cabinet ministers.

So, civil servants, can you please voice out your disagreement with minister's decision or moronic ideas? That's what Najib just said.

However, I need to advice you: try it and you get cold-storaged or even being transfered to somewhere near to Tarzan's hideout.

I know of one high ranking civil servant who voiced his disagreement with a solution of a minister. He was removed from that department and put under cold-storage. In fact, he was due for promotion and the said minister wanted his junior to succeed that "CEO Post". Fortunately, this man is a God-fearing man. And with God's blessing, the JPA followed procedures and rules and gave him the promotion letter. Today, this goodman is still suffering from "sexual harrassment".

Try ask your friends who are civil servants and asked them why they are "Yes, Minister". If ever you said NO, you are damned right down to the 18th level in Hell.

Of course there are those Yes, Ministers type. These coterie, they will rise up fast to enjoy the fruits of their "Labour".


desiderata said...

Najib should call in Samy Vellu for a PEP talk -- with the latter's APPEARANCE on TV even, he gioves out Mafia looks and talk of "Don't Contradict Me" ministerial arrogance.

If DPM acts on this as Starters, Desi will put it on Front Page!
"Mr DPM, you want IT on page 1, you've got IT!"--Desi

Anak Merdeka said...

Since he's asking civil servants to be brave and risk "career suicide", why not ask the same of politicians?

For once, "biar cakap serupa bikin"!

Why are we seeing so many "chorus boys & girls" doing the joget with Pak Lah?

Maverick SM said...

Amoi, you now dance with Dr Bakri and Desi... sama sama jogek eh..

Gukita said...

Najib only allows voicing of opinions. He's silence obout the consequence!!!

Maverick SM said...

hahaha, Gukita, you must have been the victim too.