Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nazri scorns Judicial Reform

Sultan Azlan Shah calls for Judicial Reform, highlighting several pertinent issues such as "recent disturbing events related to the judiciary and other serious criticisms leveled against the system which are great cause of concern. Sultan Azlan said it's time for the judiciary to regain the public's confidence and bring back the glory years.

Nazri, tried very hard to use linguistic philosophy to circumvent His Highness proposition. Not to be seen to be rude, he coquetted his response by phrasing his sentence of words: "it was a good speech". He tried to inked his approval to a selective few specific short phrase with CnP, culling a few words from a para to suit his guile. Nazri said he agreed with the Sultan's statement that judges had to be independent and competent, and resist socialising with business patronage and well connected people.

However, Nazri scorns on the crux of the key issues such as those regarding loss of public confidence and the recent disturbing events.

Commenting on the issue of recent disturbing events and serious criticism against the judiciary made by His Royal Highness, Nazri said it is "only the Sultan's perception". According to Nazri, His Highness perception may not necessary be his perception (or that of the government): Emphasis added. The Sultan can have his perception and who cares? ..."that is always his (Raja Azlan's) perception".

On loss of public confidence highlighted by the Sultan, Nazri asked: "What is the public? Does the public mean 1,000 or 2,000 people or the whole nation? It can be observed that Nazri was ostracizing its deleterious effects... he could be seen to corelate the recent lawyers protest - the Walk for Justice at Putrajaya which involves about 2,000 people - the figure is relative small if compared with the population of the nation as a whole, or, with the bunch of YESMEN parliamentarians that includes the prominent Minister and his coterie of ministers which numbers many thousands too. Maybe, to the guile and nefarious Nazri, the public must mean, at least include, the 2 million UMNO members, and the criticism must come from within the ruling party, to the exclusion of "outsiders".

"When you talk about crisis, it has to be something that is really big", says Nazri. "Really Big"? What's Really Big? Does it mean that the whole nation must go to Parliament to protest to indicate that it is "Big Enough"? Does it mean that the nation must go to war with the judiciary or the government to indicate that "things are really bad and in need for reform"? Or, does it mean that the people must go to war such as those Burmese monks?

Tan Sri Norma Yaakob, the retired Chief Judge of Malaya was asked to comment on the Sultan speech and this is what she said:

"He is the right person to point out the current state of the Malaysian judiciary. He was straightforward and to the point. We all got the message very clearly."

Did we? Yes, we, the commoners did.

Did Nazri? I don't think so!

Did Fairuz? Did Pak Lah? I had doubts...

Nazri is browbeating the people into a contradiction - he is obfuscating the whole issue; he is trying hard to be porcine and preposterous ... or is he already a calcified one?

He is after all, a sycophant!


kittykat46 said...

Unfortunately we could be at the point where those in power don't even recognise interference in the Judiciary, because it has simply become "the normal way things are done".

There are many countries in the 3rd World and 4th World where the judiciary consistently rules according to what the regime wants in politically sensitive cases.

Malaysia may well have joined the ranks of these Banana republics.

Anonymous said...

always will be a banana republic otherwise how the hell the parliament are always full of...

monkeys, lemurs, macaques, baboons, guenons, lorises, capuchins, marmosets, tamarins, sapajous, tarsiers, anthropoid apes & the prosimians

- right from the speaker & down to those lowlife scumbags mps from bn

Maverick SM said...


Banana replubic? Pak Lah said we are going to industrialize goreng pisang. Khazanah may be investing a billion in this. Petronas is considering.

seefei said...

does sultan azlan has the power & influence to do any good beside offering opinion? actually i am in the dark what is all this public rhetoric about. anybody can say anything (sultan, politician etc) but at the end of the day no conclusion or initiative arising out of it. status quo....