Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Judge for Yourself!

Judge us by the progress brought to the people, says Pak Lah.

"Society, be it Malays, Indians or Chinese, will gauge us by the level of progress and development we bring to the people irrespective of race," PM said.

But sir, what about the judicial brokership management? Is it a success? Ain't our judiciary being managed by the corporations?

What about the ACA and Customs department? What about the Close-One-Eye? What about the APs? What about the multi-millionaire police and the Internal Security relating to organized crimes? Weren't all these the products of the social progress and development brought about by the leadership?

Anyway, to lightened up the mood, it was reported that Deputy Education Minister Datuk Noh Omar said the images at missionary schools will not be removed as they were part of the mission schools' tradition and there is no reason to change it.

The issue was decried at parliament house by two MPs, Syed Hood Syed Edros (MP Parit Sulong, Johor) and Datuk Haji Mohamad bin Haji Aziz (MP Sri Gading) who wanted all those elements that relates to church influence and those crosses be destroyed.

Minister in PM's department, Nazri Aziz said the public can lodge a police report against anyone who uttered seditious remarks. "No one can make seditious remakrs even if they have immunity as an MP."

Nazri is right, theoretically, not functionally. Article 63 of the Federal Constitution states that: (1) The validity of any proceedings in either Hose of Parliament or any Committee thereof shall not be questioned in any court. Clause 2 states that No person shall be liable to any proceedings in any court in respect of anything said in any proceedings of the House of Parliament. But Clause 4 provides that Clause 2 shall not apply to any person charged with an offence under the Sedition Act and Article 10(4) (which relates to Laws prohibiting the questioning of rights, status, position, privilege, sovereignty or prerogative as protected by Article 152, 153 and 181).

The law is clear, but as noted by Shad Saleem Faruqi pertaining to the Doctrine of Separation of Powers between the three organs of government, that is, Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. Shad said that, functionally, the executives have begun to dominate all three organs of government. And the executive is now basically the heart of the government process. It was not meant to be that way. They are supposed to be the Pillars of government but standing apart.

So, you know what it means.... emasculation of the masses.


Anonymous said...

Judge us by the progress brought to the people, says Pak Lah.

We judge you by the lies you tell the people, says Me.

Anonymous said...

Noh Omar said the images at missionary schools will not be removed as they were part of the mission schools' tradition and there is no reason to change it.

But will crescents be built or painted above the crosses?

moo_t said...

How many times this bugger cried wolves and nothing happens. We should make it a holiday on the day he step down.

lucia said...

if you guys want to read more about the crosses and statues issues in mission schools, i have 3 posts in my blog (from which then you can go to other blogs):

of statues and crosses in mission schools
demolish the statues and destroy the crosses

ok ok i'm promoting my blog here. sorry ah, mave, all.

Helen said...

Heheheh I agree whole heartedly with commentator no.1.

BTW, maybe I'm just a silai, can anyone enlighten me what progress har?

beeranyone said...

these buggers, nothing better to do, want to removed the cross pulak.

in sudan naming the teddy can also get jailed... but here these 'si pek bo ka si' mps taking potshot & running down others religion and some more make it into a game show... how can?

so hishamuddin? how har? tell the christians to get used to it also?

~~~ beer anyone?

Maverick SM said...


I agree. We will celebrate soon; I'm certain.


I've read all your 3 articles. You write well.

Helen Silai,

Progress = Toll Up 3 times, Petrol up 3 times, Steel bars up 3 times, Cement up, flour up, etc.


As long as the Constitution, which is the social contract is not respected and upheld, the price is uncertainty, disunity, chaos and fear.