Friday, March 21, 2008

Surat khabar lama! YB dan Mentri lama!

BayiSingh starts his PhD research on Malaysian Yang Berhormats' life after politics.

He was admitted to Oxcel to do his political science; the Uni is in some place which looks like Oxford, sounds like Oxford and may be Oxford.

His first survey was to find out where are the ex-YBs


suealeen said...

what a hillarious friday! hahaha

desiderata said...

fridae childe fool of love and gifting...where is doc howsy w(H)or'ing? Desi's writHing...? AnakM where ler? No AP...!:(

constant drama said...


Having too much fun with photoshop are we =p ?

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah’s Exit Plan on the Way
March 21, 2008 · 14 Comments

‘Someone’ in Putrajaya told me, Pak Lah is ready to step down. I chased my source after a senior member of the press informed me about the exit plan.

How soon will this happen, however, nobody is willing to speculate? Nevertheless, UMNO insisted the exit plan to be implemented before the new Dewan Rakyat sitting or somewhere in April.

In another development, a senior adviser in the fourth floor has tendered his resignation letter.

While Najib’s future remain in doubt, my sources said, UMNO has managed to neutralise Khairy Jamaluddin.

Take a good rest for this weekend. Next week will be another battle for all.
we will see Pak Lah jaga TOLL sama itu Samy Vellu lah.... after itu budak jaga gate KTM gone, Pak Lah take over.

not bad at all!

Maverick SM said...


I thought after a few weeks of hardknock politics, it's time for a break with a softie.


I also don't know where.

Constant Drama,

I didn't create it. It was emailed to me.

alhusseyn said...

Hey! What happen to my Perak MB? Dont miss him out!

Maverick SM said...


The student hasn't interviewed Tajol Rosli; so no picture yet.

Anonymous said...

alhusseyn said...
Hey! What happen to my Perak MB? Dont miss him out!

March 22, 2008 6:39 AM

saya ingat aaa.... itu tajol rosli aaa.... sudah masuk itu PPP ooo, advisor itu Kayves hoh!

ZACH said...

The first two pictures should get a distinction for the work well done. It really need a lot of references to get the menu done. I raise my hat.

Maverick SM said...


are you giving an award for the pictures? hehehehe!!!!