Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anwar wins by 15, 671 majority

9.50pm: Final official EC tally:

Anwar got 31,195 votes, Arif Shah, 15,524, Hanafi, 92.

Anwar won with a majority of 15,671.

8pm: Unofficial results:

Anwar Ibrahim is the winner, obtaining a majority of 16,210 votes.

He garnered 26,646 votes while Arif Shah Omar Shah got 10,436.

Anwar's wife, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, won the seat with a 13,400 majority in the March 8 general election.

Source: Malaysiakini


Hasbullah Pit said...

keputusan rasmi?

Anonymous said...

Guess with 65% turnout, 17K is pretty amazing.

PP have spoken on behalf of the people...



artchan said...

tun will migrate? Cakap tak serupa bikin..I remember the old MIC samy says he will move to Lunas..


william yeoh said...

i just got the news, anwar is back and raring to go further this time around.

Anonymous said...


You make that loud-mouthed swine with hair disease swallow the whole BABI...

and hope badawi or najib won't drop dead like that gatekeeper from klang...


Anonymous said...

To The Voters of Permatang Pauh.....


To najib, arif, yen yen & kahiry.....

On behalf of PP People, THANK YOUUUUU..... for all your 'ang pows'

#####Good Riddance

bayi said...

Fantastic! The rakyat have spoken. Pakatan rakyat is here to stay!

Gan said...


I was abit worried, you know - we know what Anwar is dealing with.

Seriously, I never thought I will live to see BN shaken & hopefully fall.

Hooray to the people of Malaysia to be able to wrestle this chance for a new beginning to a new Malaysia.

If not for a new Malaysia, at least a new born confidence that we are NOT at the mercy of politicians but rather that they should be at our mercy.

I am overy the moon with happiness ...

Moo.. said...

Best merdeka 'gifts' from the voters of PP.

Anonymous said...

Orang2 d pp terima kasihhhh .
Sekaarang kito ada pembangkang yaang bolih beri kesan untuk rakyat.. HArap Sdr. Anuar jadi pembangkang yg berkesan belum jjadi PM...

Anonymous said...

khairy said before GE12 he was to going snatch Kelantan from PAS like taking candy from a baby.
Few days ago he said he was going to bury Anuar in PP.
Arif was wrong person at the wrong place.
Khairy you should try your luck there and we know who is going to get buried!!!

CaptainCaveman said...

Hi Mave,

One of my predictions is correct! hehe

gongkaukau said...

Khairy should have been the one to stand for election here. Then the voters would have buried him!

Anonymous said...

The people of PP have spoken. Even with a low voter turnout, the majority went to Anwar. Imagine how much more it could have been with a higher voter turnout.

I would say that loud-mouthed Khairy helped turn the tide over. After all, I believe it was close to 50-50 before that.

Thanks for the leg up, Khairy.

Francis said...

I have prayed to god to give us a good man. My prayer has been answered. God bless and have a nice day!

Mr. Pig said...

Just curious. The Sun (and most other media) reported voter turnout to be around 65%, while the Star reported it as 80% (don't ask about NST lah, never liked and trusted it!).

Spin doctors at work already??

Anonymous said...

The 65% voter turnout was calculated by the daft statistics-illiterate PM, who but for the grace of god would had been kicked out of university.

anti-illuminati said...

At last. There is hope for Malaysia.
seems to me like God is watching.
Congrats to Anwar. Remember that you owe the RAKYAT of all races.

All the best to Putrajaya.

psc said...

Kj and Najib buried in PP. The Winds of change are blowing.this does not augur well for BN.as zorro says PP= PEOPLE POWER.

Helen said...

My maths is not good. Maybe you can help.... It doesnt seem to add up. Yesterday Bernama news reported 65% of the 58,000 registered voter turned out to vote.

Arif Shah has 15,524 votes. DSAI has 31,195 votes. Total votes = 46,719.

How can 46,719 votes be 65% of 58,000+ total registered voters?

sheriff said...

Now that one important battle has been won, DSAI should be able to deal with Zulkifli Nordin!

Maverick SM said...

Hasbullah Pit,

It is confirmed.


A win is a win.


Tun may not.


Ya, the nation is waiting for him.


You have hope for this to happen, didn't you?

Good Riddance,

Ya, terima Kasih.


Pakatan has Sept 16 to deal with.


I share your views.


I hope so.


You are a great forecaster.


No he can't.


You thank the right person.


Great prayer.

Mr. Pig,

Never mind lah; there's calculation error.


Ya, let's hope.


Buried? No lah!


Never mind the maths. there were errors.


It doesn't matter with that Zul.